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Found 26 results

  1. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, everyone! I've been working on a little project for the past several months and it is finally ready to be shared. Introducing the new and improved Intellivision Music Tracker v1.5. Just what is an "Intellivision Music Tracker"? It's a software library that allows you to play specially crafted music files in your own Intellivision games. These files are similar in nature to the classic tracker module (MOD) format employed in many old school platforms. Originally written by Arnauld Chevallier and released to the public domain many years ago, this new version includes many changes, enhancements, bug fixes, and fully comprehensive documentation. This entire project started as part of the demo Voyage: An Intv Journey. The original idea was to take Arnauld's tracker and enhance it to support the additional sound processor in the ECS, and fix a few latent bugs. I then took it upon myself to reverse-engineer the entire tracker and document in exhaustive detail the data format in order to add new features to it. The result is not only a comprehensive user manual and technical guide, but an improved and highly-optimized version of the tracker. Plus it plays some of the best kick-ass drums you've ever heard on an 8-bit sound chip. Below is a list of the most important features of the Intellivision Music Tracker: Pattern-based song sequencing, with support for an unlimited number of patterns. Supports up to six independent sound channels, updated and playing simultaneously. Full 6-note polyphony; 5-note polyphony, with one drum channel; or 4-note polyphony, with two drum channels. 64-point user-defined software envelopes. 4-step pitch effects (e.g., arpeggios). Vibrato effects configurable with 3 levels of depth. Simple programmable drum sound synthesizer. Supports up to 85 individual instrument definitions with independent envelopes, and pitch and amplitude modulation effects. Supports over 40 individual drum instrument definitions per song. Global master volume control. Dynamic active channel selection. (New!) And if all of that wasn't enough, in a fantastic twist of fate, this new version includes support for IntyBASIC integration, making it dead-simple to incorporate the tracker in your own IntyBASIC games! The standard distribution includes everything you need: Tracker v1.5 User Manual & Technical Guide. Tracker library and dependency modules. Interface modules for both Assembly Language and IntyBASIC programs. A global music definition file with useful predefined envelopes, effects, and drum sounds. Eight sample songs, including a cool drums solo showcasing the new drum sounds. Along with the standard distribution, I include below an "IntyBASIC SDK" project with an example program illustrating how to use the tracker from IntyBASIC. Current Revision #3 (2021-02-03) Tracker v1.5 User Manual & Technical Guide.pdf - User Manual trk-distro-rev4.zip - Standard Distribution trk-demo (IntyBASIC).zip - IntyBASIC SDK Project And for those who do not want to build or compile the project to check it out, below are some MP3s exported from the emulator playing the sample songs: butterfly-remix.mp3 - Flight Of The Butterfly - By @carlsson demo-remix.mp3 - Demo Song (Remix) - By @Arnauld drums-demo-808.mp3 - Drums Demo (Funk My Drum Machine) - By @DZ-Jay space-music.mp3 - Journey Through The Stars (Space Music) - By @carlsson voyage-remix.mp3 - Voyage Theme - By @carlsson beatit-remix.mp3 - Beat It (Remix) - By Michael Jackson (originally tracked by @Nyuundere, remixed by @DZ-Jay) One of my goals in documenting the data format so thoroughly was to enable the creation of MOD-to-Inty or MIDI-to-Inty programs to convert standard music files to the Intellivision Music Tracker format. I hope others will take inspiration of this project and contribute to this effort. Let us enrich the musical library of the Intellivision and expand the pool of musicians working on it. Many thanks to Arnauld Chevallier for the original software and for his many contributions to this community. Now, go make some cool music! Cheers! -dZ. Latest Version Release Notes: NEW: Instrument envelopes now recycle indefinitely, by backtracking a number of sample points from the end. The backtracking offset is configurable with a global constant. FIXED: Optimized the code for size and speed to compensate for additional code brought in by recent enhancements. FIXED: Changed the behaviour of "NULL" events that include instrument changes, to reset the channel counter. The old behaviour is believed to be a bug. FIXED: Included the latest version of IBN-to-IMT conversion tool. UPDATES: 2021-01-10: Updated attachments of library distribution to revision #1. 2021-01-22: Updated attachments of library distribution to revision #2. 2021-02-03: Updated attachments of library distribution to revision #3. 2021-03-07: Updated attachments of library distribution to revision #4.
  2. Hi everyone, I am new here just was going through my vintage collection collecting price data for the first time in a few years. I came across this wood finished drawer filled with intellivision games and was confused when I couldn't find any price info on the demo cart. Just to find out its extremely rare! I was wondering if anyone here had any of the demonstration boxes I could purchase or any reproduction boxes so I can spruce up my display!! I saw a post earlier about an Alex hace making one for someone which I am very interested in purchasing for my collections.
  3. Have you completed the Amico Moon Patrol Demo? I have. I was wondering what you all thought of it: -Can you explain your experience with the demo? -What control types did you try? Did you prefer one setup to the other? -Have you convinced anyone else to try the demo? What were there opinions? -Checkpoint X was tough, right? Or am I just out of practice?
  4. I'm looking for the game White Water for the Intellivision. I want the cart and the overlays, if that's all you have. Or complete. I'm getting it to play, not collect. Please let me know. thank you!
  5. Get ready to play FOUR completely different games for 1 or 2 younger children or anyone who's "trigger happy"! See how sharp you are: fire a football to a receiver in the end zone... blast flying saucers in deep space... torpedo fleets of warships... zap bizarre monsters running through a maze! Each game is a race against the clock to get your best score - just try to make every shot hit a target! The computer keeps score and time countdown for 1 or 2 sharpshooters. Specially designed game for children over 4 and FOR COLOR TV VIEWING ONLY. I WILL POST A VIDEO... why am I shouting? I'll post a video of this soon.
  6. Using my LTO Flash! cart to play a Burgertime hack on my Super Video Arcade.
  7. In this video I go over the LTO FLASH! cart that arrived yesterday. And I ask the question, where's an HD Intellivision clone console already?
  8. I am deciding to sell my collection(s). I have a couple of large collections that I want to sell. ( most of the Atari library, half of the Nintendo library, several other systems and games (sega genesis, super Nintendo, odyssey2, intellivision, action max, many standalone pong systems CIB, etc, etc.) ) looking to see if anyone would be interested in buying one of more of these collections, or is anyone has any information on the best place to sell these collections. thank you for all your help.
  9. I bought an intellivision 1 on ebay about two years ago and when i tested it it didn't work. i attempted to repair it and couldn't do it. I even removed the shielding and checked the board. I have no clue what im really doing do I decided to send some pictures. I cleaned it and couldn't figure out what was wrong. it has black screen with interference when i tried booting it up. I originally got nothing and thought the rf switchbox was broken but the cable was so i used and yellow double ended composite wire and tested it then i got the black screen. I know the box and cable works because i tested it on my model 1 genesis. anyway, let me know if you guys see the problem. Thanks!
  10. Here's a quick video of this very cool add on package for Shark Shark 2!
  11. This is a really cool cartridge with four mini games designed for players over 4 years old. I'm 45 and like it!
  12. I noticed that when my mod board is connected the 12v connection for the rf modulator drops to like 4v. also noticed that when its disconnected it's still only like 11.4v. And one of the chips on the board gets very hot. I'm wondering if this is why after a few seconds of use the picture becomes less stable (text characters basically shake) Also i took the cage off the rf modulator to make room so not sure if that has anything to do with my problem. been trying to get this thing to work for so long its kind of annoying.
  13. looking for a working board for an intellivision. Please contact if you have any you are willing to sell.
  14. Hi. Unfortunately while fixing my SSVA, I broke off the little tab that holds down the DB9 controller input on the tray. I was able to glue it in place, but it's still weak. Does anyone have a spare tray they want to sell before I have to buy a whole new unit to replace the broken one? I'll even buy a crappy shell as long as the tray isn't all yellowed out and cracked. Thanks. 😊 JR
  15. I've been trying to mod my intellivion 2 to output composite video. I almost have the thing working, but the video signal is still having problems. text characters will start to shake after about 3 seconds of running, and there is a white line going down the screen lined up with the characters. I tried putting a 2000uf cap across the 5v line, but that didn't do anything. Ive checked the mod board multiple time times, but haven't found any problems with it that fixed the signal. also the rf modulator never output any video signal so i don't have any way to see if its a problem with the console. also don't have any extra rf modulators or consoles to test with.
  16. In this 8 minute video I talk about how well this game plays and the first time I saw the arcade machine in a movie theater. The Atari logo in the beginning is amazing and I could watch that for 8 minutes. I would love to see Pac-Man on the Amico. I see so many Namco games on different consoles and plug and play's so I'm wondering if getting that license isn't too difficult. I would love a classic and re-imagined version!
  17. Yes, with the right tracker software. I just released an updated version of the Intellivision Music Tracker, which allows Intellivision programmers to play specially-crafted music files in their games. The song format is similar to the classic "XM" module from Fast Tracker II, but with all instruments synthesized in software. It also includes facilities to synthesize drum sounds to accompany your tracks. I included in this new distribution some very cool sample songs and a library of useful envelopes, effects, and drum sounds to use in your own songs. The software also comes with full documentation. If you are interested, check out the main topic thread in the Intellivision Programming forum: So ... want to hear the Intellivision play drums? Check out this kick-ass drum track I created to showcase the new drum sounds I created for the tracker: drums-demo-808.mp3 The drums are based on the sounds of the classic Roland TR-808 drum machine. I call the track, "Funk My Drum Machine." Not too bad for a sound chip with only square wave tones and no filters whatsoever. Enjoy! -dZ.
  18. Scored a 2609 for cheap with a bad transformer. Anybody have a good spare to sell?
  19. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families. In a year that seemed like everything went "south", let's all find the time to be thankful and enjoy the time we can with family and friends. Best wishes to you all. Enjoy! A little "FD humor" to set the tone.. lol.
  20. Looking to find a copy of Desert Bus for the Atari 2600 and Intellivision systems. I can't seem to find much about the Atari 2600 version besides outdated links that usually end in error 404s, and I did see that the Intellivision copy is for sale on ebay at the time of this post, but I would prefer a cheaper option as that one is $40 PLUS $15 shipping.
  21. A quick 3 minute video where I ask about mobile games on the Amico. Seems they're looking to bring mobile into our living rooms with a multi-player experience. Will it work?
  22. I am trying to hunt down the following games for the intellivision: Message me here or at [email protected] if you have any for sale. Thanks! FRENCH-CANADIAN TITLE Advanced D & D [Box Upgrade] B-17 Bomber / Le Bombardier Boxing [Maroon Manual Upgrade] Las Vegas Roulette / La Roulette Space Spartans / Les Spartiates Super Cobra Turbo FRENCH-CANADIAN WITH SLEEVE ABPA Backgammon / Le Backgammom Auto Racing / La Course Automobile Electric Company: Math Fun / Jouons Las Vegas Roulette / La Roulette Major League Baseball / Le Baseball NASL Soccer / Le Soccer de la NASL NHL Hockey / Le Hockey NHL PGA Golf Space Battle / Combat de L'Espace CBS - ENGLISH WRITTEN Carnival WHITE-LABEL-DOUBLE LABEL Armor Battle Basketball Football Math Fun Mission X Poker Royal Dealer Sharp Shot Skiing Soccer Triple Action Vectron INTV INC. TITLES - WHITE LABELS Backgammon Super Series Baseball Locomotion 125 GAME TITLE Buzz Bombers [Gatefold] Congo Bongo [Manual & Box] Learning Fun I [Manual & Box] Learning Fun II Melody Blaster (Gatefold Version) Spiker Volleyball [Box] Stadium Mud Buggies FOR COLOR TV VIEWING Electric Company - Math Fun Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack NBA Basketball (Cartridge Upgrade)
  23. Want these to go to a good of home. Boxes and docs only. Make offer - PM me.
  24. Happy Friday and happy 40th to Pac-Man, the first video game I ever saw. I watched my brother play the arcade machine at a movie theater when I was five years old. In the first pic is a t-shirt from Five Below by Rubik's that I got for $5. In the second pic is the best 2nd generation console port which happens to be on Intellivision. 🍒🍓🍎
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