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Found 13 results

  1. Hello, All! I've published ColEm 4.4, the ColecoVision emulator for Windows and Linux, as well as the source code for porting ColEm to other platforms: http://fms.komkon.org/ColEm/-- homepage http://fms.komkon.org/ColEm/ColEm44-Windows-bin.zip-- free Windows version http://fms.komkon.org/ColEm/ColEm44-Ubuntu-x86-bin.tgz -- free Linux version http://fms.komkon.org/ColEm/ColEm44-Source.zip -- sources This release adds support for more modern MegaCart cartridges, such as Buckrogers, Subroc, Zaxxon, and Dragon's Lair. The SGM emulation state is now saved to .STA files. I have also added support for 24c08 and 24c256 EEPROM chips, so both Black Onyx and Boxxle fully work now, saving EEPROM contents to .SAV files. ColEm will determine the need for EEPROM automatically, by ROM's CRC, or you can force EEPROM emulation with -24c08 and -24c256 options in Linux. The Windows version offers menu items for switching EEPROM type, as well as links to AtariAge ColecoVision forum, Coleco software publishers, and other sites. Finally, I have fixed a bug restoring background screen color from .STA files. See below for all the changes. ALL CHANGES: * Added ROM page switch specific for carts with EEPROM. * Added 24c08 EEPROM support (Black Onyx saves now). * Added 24c256 EEPROM support (Boxxle works). * Now saving EEPROM state into .SAV files. * Now saving SGM state into .STA files. * Now accepting both AA55h and 55AAh MegaCarts. * SGM games Buckrogers, Subroc, Zaxxon, Dragon's Lair work. * Fixed restoring background screen color from .STA files. * Added EEPROM menu selections to ColEm-Windows. * Added links to CV Addict and AtariAge forums to ColEm-Windows. * Added -24c08, -24c256, and -noeeprom command line options. * Compiled ColEm-Unix with -Wall and eliminated warnings. * Replaced -DNO_WAVE_INTERPOLATION with -DWAVE_INTERPOLATION, off by default. * Removed old LoadSTA() and SaveSTA() code. * Finally deprecated -DNEW_STATES. Have fun! PS: I will use this thread to post ColEm release news and answer questions about ColEm. If you have a question or suggestion, please, feel free to ask it here.
  2. I've been slowly migrating to linux over the past couple of months as an experiment to see how well this will work for me. I inherited a first generation Microsoft Surface Book from work when I upgraded my office computer, and since I did not need yet another Windows machine, I decided to install Linux Mint on it. I did lose the tablet and pen functionality of the laptop in the process, by I was never a fan of tablets to start with so no big deal there. I have to say that so far I've been able to easily do 95% of my work on it, both hobby and professional, with the exception of VPN access to the university resources and remote Citrix hospital access which I am still looking into. DosBox and Steam round up my gaming needs. Kerbal Space Program and Microsoft Space Simulator on linux: who knew??? The best surprise was the fact that all my usual TI development tools work under linux using Wine, including Classic 99, albeit the latter is a tad slower than under Windows. As a matter of fact, everything I have thrown at Wine has worked so far, such as TI99Dir, TICodEd, Winasm994a and Convert9918, thus recreating my entire development tool chain. Magellan works perfectly as well since it's Java based and Visual Studio Code is available for linux. I will however start leaning more on MAME since it is native to linux and emulation execution speed is thus not affected here, at least for real-time testing of projects. So for the past several weeks I've migrated the ongoing development of Kroll & Prumni to the linux machine and so far no issues. I am in real danger of not going back to Windows...
  3. Mord

    Gaming Activities

    I recently finished Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain. I plan on going through all 5 games throughout 2010. We'll see how that goes. However before I dive into Soul Reaver, I'm going to take a break and re-complete a couple of games for my Games Complete list. I already "completed" these, but it was before I started my list. And I gave myself the requirement of having to re-complete such games if I want to add them. Those games are: Evil Zone (PS1) - a 3d fighter. Simplistic with the moves etc, but fun to play. It's one of those games I'd like to see redone and re-released for the current gen simply because PS1 3d fighters weren't exactly stellar in quality. It was great for back in the day however. Ar Tonelico - a rpg/dating sim type game for the most part. I solved this one prior to the list started as well, so only Ar Tonelico II is on the list so far. Figured I'd get this one added to it prior to Ar Tonelico III being released in North America. (Hoping it will be that is. It gets released in japan later this month.) I'll probably have Evil Zone completely unlocked Saturday morning at which point I'll start in on Ar Tonelico. I'm also going to be putting time in on Maze Realms. I'll be implementing the room objects properly and starting in on the Inactive Lists. Beyond that I have nothing planned beyond a possible visit with family (Weather pending - I heard we're suppose to get another storm around here soon.) and perhaps a trip to go look into potentially purchasing a new used computer. Not getting rid of the current one however! I'm just going to use the extra comp to go playing around with Linux again. I'll probably have more patience with learning how to install the comp if I still have a box that works and connects to the internetz while I do so. (Seriously, that's something I needed last time as I kept running into problems with the dsl support - problems that were answered in their ONLINE WIKI.
  4. Hi All! You are my last hope here. I try to compile a small test program using the CLEAN_START macro from macro.h (v1.06) but it gives me unresolved symbole for CLEAR_STACK in it. I'm using the latest x86-64 release of DASM 2.20.11 from the WUDSN pack. Which BTW seems to bee the latest stable release. (Yeah I know, but I use Eclipse for everything...except for linux. Linux is always problematic.) If I take out the CLEAN_START macro it's working fine. Directly copy&paste it also not works, took out the '.' so it uses global label and now it complains about CLEAN_START itself. I'm using these things for about 6 years now on Windows and I'm programming 8-bit assembly since '91 - but I can overlook anything ofcourse. Please help! I feel very lost now. Tell me if you need more information.
  5. Sorry in advanced; I'm really-really new to gcc and c in general (a complete moron). SO I couldn't find atari800 rpm for Fedora 2x (at least not a 3.x version). atari800 3.x has some features not found in 2.x. I tried using alien to convert .deb's but no luck (never had much luck with alien), and even tried non-fedora RPMs. No luck there either (of course). Downloaded the tar.gz source atari800-3.1.0 - ./configure went ok, but when doing make install: xep80.o: In function `XEP80_Initialise': xep80.c:(.text+0x1479): undefined reference to `ANTIC_cur_screen_pos' xep80.c:(.text+0x148d): undefined reference to `ANTIC_cpu2antic_ptr' xep80.o: In function `XEP80_GetBit': xep80.c:(.text+0x15a2): undefined reference to `ANTIC_cur_screen_pos' xep80.c:(.text+0x15b6): undefined reference to `ANTIC_cpu2antic_ptr' xep80.o: In function `XEP80_PutBit': xep80.c:(.text+0x1673): undefined reference to `ANTIC_cur_screen_pos' xep80.c:(.text+0x168c): undefined reference to `ANTIC_cpu2antic_ptr' xep80.c:(.text+0x1715): undefined reference to `ANTIC_cpu2antic_ptr' xep80.o: In function `XEP80_StateSave': xep80.c:(.text+0x2515): undefined reference to `ANTIC_cur_screen_pos' xep80.c:(.text+0x2529): undefined reference to `ANTIC_cpu2antic_ptr' xep80.o: In function `XEP80_StateRead': xep80.c:(.text+0x2817): undefined reference to `ANTIC_cur_screen_pos' xep80.c:(.text+0x282b): undefined reference to `ANTIC_cpu2antic_ptr' collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status make: *** [Makefile:119: atari800] Error 1 I'm guessing that's makefile line 119? which is $(CC) -o [email protected] $(LDFLAGS) $(OBJS) $(LIBS) dep: @if ! makedepend -Y $(DEFS) -I. ${OBJS:.o=.c} 2>/dev/null; \ then echo warning: makedepend failed; fi please take it easy on me :-( appreciate any input
  6. I have not done any development in Linux for Atari and I'm wanting to write some programs (games or utilities) and I'm wondering if anyone has ever set up a virtual machine via Virtual Box or VM Player? I don't want to duplicate effort if it's already been done, Why a virtual machine? I have multiple computers running multiple OS's and I want to be able to develop on whatever machine I'm currently in front of. I also want this pre-configured environment to be freely distributed, which is why I will not be using Windows. (I may use Mint so that it will look like Windows for those who have not used Linux before.) Constructive ideas and suggestions appreciated.
  7. I have the scripts I wrote to select a few options from a menu, but it's all command-line. I've never developed for X11 before, so I thought I'd ask if any such thing exists already before I go reinventing the wheel.
  8. Hi guys. For anyone using SIO2Linux, I wrote a menu system using python and ncurses that should make selecting files for SIO2LINUX a lot easier. Here is a link to the menuing system: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5fxz9VjCX_CdWM5aWV5UUxobVk/view?usp=sharing You can find SIO2Linux here: http://www.crowcastle.net/preston/atari/ Here is the usage: usage: atrmenu.py [-h] [-d DIRECTORY] [-s SERIAL] [-i SIO2LINUX] Atari Menu optional arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit -d DIRECTORY, --directory DIRECTORY Directory where your .atr files reside (default is current working directory -s SERIAL, --serial SERIAL Directory where your .atr files reside (default is /dev/ttyS0 -i SIO2LINUX, --sio2linux SIO2LINUX directory where sio2linux resides (default is current working directory.) Screenshot:
  9. I have ran into this problem a few times running VJ in Linux, specifically Kubuntu 18.04 and later over the last few years, where the image of the game being played doesn't fill the window size or fullscreen properly. I have found a solution modifying the source for VJ, but I wanted to ask if there might be a simpler way of altering the code to achieve the same fix. I also wanted to make this post with the solution I have been using in case anyone else out there might be running into the same problem, and there isn't a better way to do this currently. Below is an image of what I am experiencing when opening VJ, and it holds true when playing a game windowed or in full screen. I am using version 2.1.3(final) source from the git repository. Here is a solution I am currently using to fix this. Before building Virtual Jaguar perform the following modifications to the source code: /src/gui/mainwin.cpp - Add the following line in the function MainWin::SetFullScreen, below the line where int newWidth is initialized. The line looks like this "int newWidth = (int)(aspectRatio * (double)r.height());". newWidth *= 2.2; Then alter the line just below, that looks like this "videoWidget->offset = (r.width() - newWidth) / 2;", multiplying r.width() by 2.2. It should now look like the line below. videoWidget->offset = ((r.width() * 2.2) - newWidth) / 2; /src/gui/glwidget.cpp - Now we need to multiply width() and hieght() function calls by 2.2, do this by altering the following lines. outputWidth = width(); --> changes to --> outputWidth = width() * 2.2; unsigned outputHeight = height(); --> changes to --> unsigned outputHeight = height() * 2.2; EDIT: I forgot to mention that the value 2.2 is a bit arbitrary according the the global scaling on your desktop. I actually don't know how to find the exact value you need according to a specific global desktop scaling. But raising and lowering the value should get what you are looking for. For example, 2.2 is scales the image a bit beyond the window and fullscreen borders, so I dropped it down to 1.75, and if fits great now.
  10. Recently I acquired an old Bondi Blue iMac G3 with a PowerPC @266Mhz and 64MB RAM. I upgraded the RAM to 128MB and installed Debian GNU/Linux on it. Runs like a charm. I intend to use it remotely to test big-endian compilations, so I wanted the built-in monitor to be turned off. After searching the net extensively, I was unable to find a solution. setterm -blank 1 does not work (no APM support on a G3), xdpms doesn't work either (no DPMS) and pmset is only available under Mac OS X. I did find a solution though. If you configure Xorg wrongly and select a resolution the monitor can't cope with, it turns itself off. I'd rather not have X installed, but well, a dark server closet is worth the extra few megabytes of disk space And if I need the console because I locked myself out remotely or something, CTRL-ALT-F1 brings back the framebuffer console and turns on the monitor again.
  11. So another thread got me thinking about drivers and their important role in keeping retro hardware useful in the current age (and how a lot of manufacturers drop the ball pretty early and leave some really great peripherals without support). Then I started searching around and found this stuff (I'm sure there's a lot more out there): http://read.pudn.com/downloads151/ebook/655187/Windriver.pdf https://bootlin.com/doc/books/ldd3.pdf
  12. I know this might be a question better asked on the Ubuntu forum and poking around there got me the answer that I needed (however inelegant), but why does every single emulator mess up my netbook's resolution when I run it in fullscreen and then exit? Sick of searching the web for answers and it's not like I am a complete dummy, but it just kind of annoying. Shouldn't they exit more gracefully? Anyway, I have just been restoring the resolution using: xrandr --output LVDS1 --mode 1024x600 This works fine, of course (and yes, i made a "reso" alias so I don't have to remember the command every time), but it just seems odd that this happens. Is there a better way to restore the resolution each time I play? The backstory on this is that I am preparing for a trip and commandeered my wife's old Toshiba NB205 to use as a spiffy emulation machine. It came with Windows Starter, so that's why I've gone Ubuntu on it and it runs great for the most part. It's just this one thing bugging me and I had this dream of letting my Dad play on it with the USB Atari sticks, but it will freak him out if the resolution goes weird on him. He is not a computer expert. But he does love Atari! Any help from gurus appreciated.
  13. For this thread, LINUX games - natively installed, or installed via a service. One of the key points about the new VCS over a normal console is that you can run other platforms on it, via PC-mode. e.g. Ubuntu Linux, Fedora Linux, SteamOS, GamerOS. (Even AtariOS installed to another disk). The most popular games service is probably Steam, but I shop around for Indie games. As SteamOS is only an older version of Ubuntu, it can be problematic, due to out-of-date drivers etc.. The VCS chip is far newer than the last release of SteamOS. IMHO it is better to use Ubuntu directly, and install Steam client as normal. I use an external USB 3.1 SSD. Some gamers just prefer to use a keyboard and mouse, and the machine has 2 USB ports under the front edge. In PC mode any USB device should work, as it supports USB 3.1, and so this opens up a lot of interesting options. The first demonstration is linked here. This is not my video. I myself also have Ubuntu Linux running on my VCS, as a dual-boot. He also posted a follow-up.
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