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Found 39 results

  1. The Nintendo 64 launched in North America 25 years ago today. Anyone have any good game recs? Now, no disrespect intended, because back in those days I was a huge PlayStation fan and I remember playing games like Twisted Metal 1-4, Castlevania: SOTN, All the Resident Evil and Wipeout games, Actual Platformers like the GEX and Pandemonium games, plus a host of RPGS like LUNAR, Arc the Lad, Final Fantasy, and the Suikoden series, Breath of Fire III, Legend of Dragoon, etc., and tons of Arcade ports...again, all on my Mighty PlayStation! So when the N64 launched I did not get one...Always figured I'd get one later; Much later as it turns out. Looking it up, I got one in 2009. ($91.50 with shipping for an N64, 3 controllers and 8 games in case anyone wondered). Then I bought even more games. I had some fun in the past, but ya know, without opening the box, I don't even remember what color it is haha. I know I had fun with Zelda, Mario Kart, and Mario 64. And I know Donkey Kong in 3D was Not a good idea, since Donkey Kong from 1981 was just a lot more fun (IMHO). And nowadays I do have an Everdrive so probably kind of have all the games, but I was looking for game recommendations from people who've played the system a lot more than me. Feel free to throw in memories from Back in the Day...
  2. Hello, I am selling off many items from my collection. I will not be taking a bath on shipping charges (I've made that mistake before), so be prepared to pay full shipping. I use USPS, and I know shipping charges have been high, but that's true for everyone. Unfortunately, video games cannot be shipped with Media Mail. Everything has been tested and works. USA sales only! (sorry). I reserve the right to refuse any sales. Also, I have a day job, and while I can make a trip to the Post Office most days, please be patient while I safely prepare your packages and get them shipped out. EDIT: Adding 32X. You'll have a hard time finding these games in better condition, all of them are spectacular. Toughman Contest has some sunfading on the outer box, but still in great shape overall. 32X: -After Burner $90 https://atariage.com/forums/gallery/image/35225-32xafterburnerjpg/ -DOOM $25 https://atariage.com/forums/gallery/image/35226-32xdoomjpg/ -Primal Rage $90 https://atariage.com/forums/gallery/image/35229-32xprimal-ragejpg/ -Toughman Contest $25 https://atariage.com/forums/gallery/image/35232-32xtoughmanjpg/ EDIT: Adding Sega Genesis. It is alphabetized, with direct links to the pictures next to the game and $Price. There are some big ticket items in here, everything is legit, I do not deal in counterfeit games! I bought these games well before the Chinese were making knock-offs, so feel secure that my games are originals. Namely, M.U.S.H.A. Some games have rental stickers or damaged labels etc...I have adjusted down the price accordingly. SEGA GENESIS: -MUSHA $850 https://atariage.com/forums/gallery/image/35201-mushajpg/ EDIT: Adding NES, NES: Boxed NES: -Little Nemo Dream Master $50 https://atariage.com/forums/gallery/image/35113-dream-masterjpg/ -Jaws $60 https://atariage.com/forums/gallery/image/35120-jawsjpg/ -Jordan vs Bird $50 https://atariage.com/forums/gallery/image/35121-jordanbirdjpg/ -Rampage $60 https://atariage.com/forums/gallery/image/35123-rampagejpg/ -Codename Viper $30 https://atariage.com/forums/gallery/image/35129-viperjpg/ LOOSE NES CARTS: -Blades of Steel $4 https://atariage.com/forums/gallery/image/35133-img_1221jpg/ -Bases Loaded $2 https://atariage.com/forums/gallery/image/35134-img_1222jpg/ -Cabal $9 https://atariage.com/forums/gallery/image/35134-img_1222jpg/ -Clash At Demonhead $15 https://atariage.com/forums/gallery/image/35135-img_1223jpg/ -Cobra Triangle $8 https://atariage.com/forums/gallery/image/35135-img_1223jpg/ -California Games $5 https://atariage.com/forums/gallery/image/35136-img_1224jpg/ -Double Dragon $5 https://atariage.com/forums/gallery/image/35136-img_1224jpg/ -Desert Commander $4 https://atariage.com/forums/gallery/image/35137-img_1225jpg/ -Destination Earthstar $5 https://atariage.com/forums/gallery/image/35137-img_1225jpg/ -Defender of the Crown $6 https://atariage.com/forums/gallery/image/35138-img_1226jpg/ -Dirty Harry $9 https://atariage.com/forums/gallery/image/35138-img_1226jpg/ -Dragon Warrior $10 https://atariage.com/forums/gallery/image/35139-img_1227jpg/ -Ice Hockey $3 https://atariage.com/forums/gallery/image/35143-img_1231jpg/ -John Elway's Quarterback $3 https://atariage.com/forums/gallery/image/35144-img_1232jpg/ -Jack Nicklaus Golf $2 https://atariage.com/forums/gallery/image/35144-img_1232jpg/ -Kung Fu $5 https://atariage.com/forums/gallery/image/35144-img_1232jpg/ -Mach Rider $7 https://atariage.com/forums/gallery/image/35145-img_1233jpg -Pinball $3 https://atariage.com/forums/gallery/image/35147-img_1235jpg/ -Rad Racer $8 https://atariage.com/forums/gallery/image/35149-img_1237jpg/ -Rollergames $5 https://atariage.com/forums/gallery/image/35150-img_1238jpg/ -Rygar $8 https://atariage.com/forums/gallery/image/35150-img_1238jpg/ -Super Dodge Ball $15 https://atariage.com/forums/gallery/image/35151-img_1239jpg/ -Silent Service $2 https://atariage.com/forums/gallery/image/35152-img_1240jpg/ -Super Mario 3 $15 https://atariage.com/forums/gallery/image/35155-img_1243jpg/ -Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles $4 https://atariage.com/forums/gallery/image/35157-img_1245jpg/ -Top Players Tennis $2 https://atariage.com/forums/gallery/image/35156-img_1244jpg/ -Tecmo Bowl $5 https://atariage.com/forums/gallery/image/35157-img_1245jpg/ -Win Lose or Draw $2 https://atariage.com/forums/gallery/image/35159-img_1247jpg/ ATARI Hardware and Accessories (all prices without shipping) -Boxed Atari Paddles ($20) Loose 2600 Games: -Boxing $2 https://atariage.com/forums/gallery/image/35317-boxingjpg/ -Defender $2 https://atariage.com/forums/gallery/image/35318-defenderjpg/ -Donkey Kong Jr. $3 https://atariage.com/forums/gallery/image/35319-dkjrjpg/ -Kangaroo $3 https://atariage.com/forums/gallery/image/35321-kangaroojpg/ -MASH $5 https://atariage.com/forums/gallery/image/35322-mashjpg/ -Outlaw $2 https://atariage.com/forums/gallery/image/35324-outlawjpg/ -Phoenix $4 https://atariage.com/forums/gallery/image/35325-phoenixjpg/ -Realsports Football $2 https://atariage.com/forums/gallery/image/35326-realsports-footballjpg/ -Sky Diver $5 https://atariage.com/forums/gallery/image/35327-sky-diverjpg/ -Star Voyager $1 https://atariage.com/forums/gallery/image/35328-star-voyagerjpg/ -Super Breakout $1 https://atariage.com/forums/gallery/image/35329-super-breakoutjpg/ -Swordquest Fireworld $3 https://atariage.com/forums/gallery/image/35330-swordquestfireworldjpg/ Boxed ATARI -Adventure $75 (1 side of box has sunfading) -Grand Prix $3 -Laser Blast $10 -Starmaster $3 -Bump n Jump $10 -California Games $10 -Fire Fighter $10 -Kung Fu Superkicks $35 -Mega Force $8 (box is extremely terrible) -Riddle of the Sphinx $10
  3. My Retro/Vintage Gaming Hobby I Am a Child from the Dawn of the Video Game Age Taking a side trip here away from my adventures here. Anyone who knows me personally, can attest that I am somewhat of a geek and so it’s no surprise that I became an mechanical/aerospace engineer by trade. With that stated, I always had an interest in building things and tinkering with electronics, etc.. As I was growing up in the 70's I was fortunate to experience and be able to participate in the dawn of a new era. It all started simple enough with my father coming back from a business trip in Texas one year with one of the first ever digital calculators. I was hooked. I loved the display, the tactile feel of the buttons and the ease of use. I was further inspired when I saw advanced calculators becoming available and even into my high school and college years where I always had to have the latest programmable calculators for my science, math and eventually engineering courses. Now this seems pretty minor in this day and age, but back then, looong before cell phones, home computers, high level object oriented programming languages, etc.. this was an exciting era for me. Read more here... http://rubikonadventures.blogspot.com... A long time friend of mine came by for a visit one day and asked if it was OK to shoot video of my old video game collection and my "man cave" where I hibernate during the winter months when I am not out exploring. Enjoy another facet of my persona here: https://youtu.be/818OZog0Y4I Me Meeting Nolan Bushnell, Founder of Atari and founder of the industry.
  4. I have been buying and selling on eBay for about 8 years now. Lately I have been looking at purchasing various old games, but the other bidders are either scammers, have money to waste, or don't understand how much something is really worth.... The past few days various auctions have been high as hell, and crap like this is starting to piss me off because it is setting a higher standard for other sellers. Am I the only one that feels like eBay is starting to get a bit worthless? I feel craigslist is the only place inline that has decent deals nowadays.
  5. EDIT - I just increased the font size as I did not realize how tiny the font was yesterday when I copied and pasted the text from Notepad! Also, CIB obviously means Complete In Box, but for other abbreviations R = Rarity, C = Cart, I = Instructions, B = Box and O = Overlay. Post and questions or hold requests in this thread or PM me. I recently began organizing my game collection and taking inventory which resulted in realizing I had much more than I need. Several duplicate items were found which I have decided to list for sale. These will be listed here for a week and then off to eBay with those that do not sell. As prices are listed below, shipping will be actual shipping costs however I will reduce shipping costs by $1 for every $20 spent up to the total of all shipping costs. Ex: purchase $140 and shipping costs will be reduced by $7 up to but not more than free shipping. More may be added later, but these are definitely for sale. PM me with the items you want, first come first serve. Payment through PayPal. Atari 2600 Asteroids Sealed - R1 $7.00 Atari 2600 Asteroids Sealed - R1 $7.00 SOLD - Atari 2600 E.T. Sealed - R1 $45.00 Atari 2600 Missile Command Sealed - R1 $9.00 Atari 2600 Missile Command Sealed - R1 $9.00 Atari 2600 Space Invaders Sealed - R1 $8.00 Atari 2600 Astroblast Sealed - R2 $8.00 Atari 2600 Astroblast Sealed - R2 $8.00 SOLD - Atari 2600 Centipede Sealed - R2 $11.00 Atari 2600 Centipede Sealed - R2 $11.00 Atari 2600 Circus Atari Sealed - R2 $10.00 SOLD - Atari 2600 Crossbow Sealed - R2 $4.00 SOLD - Atari 2600 Crossbow Sealed - R2 $4.00 Atari 2600 Crystal Castles Sealed - R2 $14.00 SOLD - Atari 2600 Galaxian - R2 $12.00 Atari 2600 Gravitar Sealed - R2 $5.00 Atari 2600 Human Cannonball Sealed - R2 $15.00 Atari 2600 Human Cannonball Sealed - R2 $15.00 Atari 2600 Joust Sealed - R2 $10.00 SOLD - Atari 2600 Jr. Pac-Man Sealed - R2 $9.00 Atari 2600 Jungle Hunt Sealed - R2 $9.00 Atari 2600 Moon Patrol Sealed - R2 $8.00 Atari 2600 Ms. Pac-Man Sealed - R2 $12.00 Atari 2600 RealSports Baseball Sealed - R2 $10.00 Atari 2600 Super Breakout Sealed - R2 $10.00 Atari 2600 Super Breakout Sealed - R2 $10.00 Atari 2600 Super Challenge Baseball Sealed - R2 $7.00 Atari 2600 Super Challenge Baseball Sealed - R2 $7.00 SOLD - Atari 2600 Adventures of Tron Sealed - R3 $15.00 Atari 2600 Adventures of Tron Sealed - R3 $15.00 SOLD - Atari 2600 Midnight Magic Sealed - R3 $12.00 SOLD - Atari 2600 Millipede - R3 $9.00 Atari 2600 Planet Patrol New - Open Box - R3 $20.00 Atari 2600 Planet Patrol New - Open Box - R3 $20.00 Atari 2600 RealSports Tennis Sealed - R3 $9.00 Atari 2600 RealSports Tennis Sealed - R3 $9.00 Atari 2600 RealSports Tennis Sealed - R3 $9.00 SOLD - Atari 2600 Tron Deadly Discs Sealed - R3 $38.00 SOLD - Atari 2600 BMX Air Master (TNT) Sealed - R4 $20.00 Atari 2600 BMX Air Master (TNT) Sealed - R4 $20.00 SOLD - Atari 2600 Defender II Sealed - R4 $22.00 Atari 2600 Defender II Sealed - R4 $22.00 Atari 2600 Double Dunk Sealed - R4 $10.00 Atari 2600 Double Dunk Sealed - R4 $10.00 SOLD - Atari 2600 Football - RealSports Soccer Sealed - R4 $5.00 Atari 2600 Football - RealSports Soccer Sealed - R4 $5.00 SOLD - Atari 2600 Karate Sealed - R4 $25.00 SOLD - Atari 2600 Radar Lock Sealed - R4 $25.00 Atari 2600 Radar Lock Sealed - R4 $25.00 Atari 2600 Skate Boardin’ Sealed - R4 $8.00 Atari 2600 Skate Boardin’ Sealed - R4 $8.00 SOLD - Atari 2600 Title Match Pro Wrestling Sealed - R4 $11.00 Atari 2600 Title Match Pro Wrestling Sealed - R4 $11.00 SOLD - Atari 2600 Tomcat: The F-14 Flight Simulator Sealed - R4 $20.00 SOLD - Atari 2600 Cross Force New - Open Box - R5 $28.00 SOLD - Atari 2600 MotoRodeo Sealed - R5 $28.00 Atari 2600 MotoRodeo Sealed - R5 $28.00 SOLD - Atari 2600 Off the Wall Sealed - R5 $10.00 Atari 2600 Off the Wall Sealed - R5 $10.00 Atari 2600 Off the Wall Sealed - R5 $10.00 Atari 2600 Off the Wall Sealed - R5 $10.00 Atari 2600 Pete Rose Baseball Sealed - R5 $25.00 SOLD - Atari 2600 Road Runner Sealed - R6 $55.00 Atari 2600 Road Runner Sealed - R6 $55.00 SOLD - ColecoVision Destructor Sealed $35.00 Game Boy Solitaire CIB $3.00 SOLD - Game Boy Advance Texas Hold ‘em Poler CIB $3.00 Game Boy Color Hoyle Card Games CIB $3.00 GameCube Metroid Echoes Bonus Disc $3.00 Intellivision 61 Overlays + 2 Atari 5200 Overlays $30.00 Intellivision Demon Attack CIB except no tray or overlays $7.00 Intellivision NBA Basketball CB - no instructions or overlays $6.00 Intellivision Truckin’ CIB - w/map no overlays IM7603 $40.00 Intellivision Truckin’ CB - no map or overlays IM7607 $30.00 Intellivision USCF Chess CIB except No overlays $22.00 Intellivision White Water CIB except No overlays $16.00 Intellivision Boxing C $2.00 Intellivision BurgerTime C $2.00 Intellivision Chess C $3.00 Intellivision Happy Trails C $6.00 Intellivision Horse Racing C $2.00 Intellivision MicroSurgeon C $2.00 Intellivision Pitfall! C $3.00 Intellivision Skiing C $2.00 Intellivision Skiing C $2.00 Intellivision Space Armada C $2.00 Intellivision Space Hawk C $2.00 Intellivision Auto Racing I $1.00 Intellivision Mission X I $1.00 Intellivision Night Stalker I $1.00 Intellivision Reversi I $1.00 Intellivision Snafu I $1.00 Intellivision Space Battle I $1.00 Intellivision Star Strike I $1.00 Intellivision Sub Hunt I $1.00 Intellivision Tennis I $1.00 Intellivision Tron Deadly Discs I $1.00 Intellivision US Ski Team Skiing I $1.00 Intellivision US Ski Team Skiing I $1.00 Intellivision US Ski Team Skiing I $1.00 Intellivision Utopia I $1.00 Intellivision Bowling CO(2) $3.00 Intellivision Frog Bog CO(2) $3.00 Intellivision Happy Trails CO(2) $8.00 Intellivision Loco-Motion CO(1) $4.00 Intellivision Sharp Shot CO(1) $2.00 Intellivision APBA Backgammon CI $3.00 Intellivision Armor Battle CI $3.00 Intellivision Astrosmash CIO(1) $3.00 Intellivision Auto Racing CI $3.00 Intellivision Auto Racing CI $3.00 Intellivision Bomb Squad CIO(2) $4.00 Intellivision Boxing CIO(2) $4.00 Intellivision BurgerTime CIO(2) $4.00 Intellivision Hockey CI $2.00 Intellivision Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack CIO(2) $3.00 Intellivision Las Vegas Roulette CI $2.00 Intellivision Major League Baseball CIO(2) $4.00 Intellivision Masters of the Universe Power of He-Man CI + Comic $10.00 Intellivision Motocross CIO(2) $8.00 Intellivision Motocross CI $6.00 Intellivision Motocross CI $6.00 Intellivision NASL Soccer CIO(2) $7.00 Intellivision NFL Football CI $3.00 Intellivision Night Stalker CIO(1) $5.00 Intellivision Sea Battle CIO(2) $4.00 Intellivision Snafu CIO(1) $4.00 Intellivision Space Armada (Sears) CI $3.00 Intellivision Space Hawk CIO(2) $4.00 Intellivision Space Spartans CIO(1) $3.00 Intellivision Star Strike CIO(1) $3.00 Intellivision Sub Hunt CI $3.00 Intellivision Vectron CIO(2) $4.00 Intellivision Truckin’ C $8.00 Intellivision Astrosmash CIB $3.00 Intellivision Football CIB $3.00 Intellivision Kool-Aid Man CIB $20.00 Intellivision Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack CIB $3.00 Intellivision Major League Baseball CIB $3.00 Intellivision NFL Football CIB $3.00 Intellivision Night Stalker CIB $3.00 Intellivision PBA Bowling CIB $3.00 Intellivision PGA Golf CIB $3.00 Intellivision Sea Battle CIB $3.00 Intellivision Sea Battle (Sears) CIB $3.00 Intellivision Space Armada (Sears) CIB $3.00 Intellivision Star Strike CIB $5.00 Intellivision Auto Racing CIB (1 Overlay) $3.00 Intellivision Basketball CIB (1 Overlay) $5.00 Intellivision Ice Trek CIB (1 Overlay) $7.00 Intellivision Swords & Serpents CIB (1 Overlay) $4.00 Intellivision APBA Backgammon CIB (No Overlays) $4.00 Intellivision Buzz Bombers CIB (No Overlays) $4.00 Intellivision Checkers CIB (No Overlays) $5.00 Intellivision Dreadnaught Factor, The CIB (No Overlays) $14.00 Intellivision Electric Company Math Fun CIB (No Overlays) $3.00 Intellivision Electric Company Math Fun CIB (No Overlays) $3.00 Intellivision Electric Company Word Fun CIB (No Overlays) $3.00 Intellivision Electric Company Word Fun CIB (No Overlays) $3.00 Intellivision Fathom CIB (No Overlays) $70.00 Intellivision NHL Hockey CIB (No Overlays) $4.00 Intellivision Sub Hunt CIB (No Overlays) $4.00 Intellivision Big League Baseball Sealed $20.00 Intellivision Dreadnaught Factor, The Sealed $40.00 Intellivision Frog Bog Sealed $22.00 Intellivision Frogger Sealed $30.00 Intellivision Las Vegas Roulette Sealed $20.00 Intellivision Lock 'n' Chase Sealed $12.00 Intellivision Night Stalker Sealed $14.00 Intellivision Nova Blast Sealed $25.00 Intellivision Reversi Sealed $18.00 Intellivision Royal Dealer Sealed $15.00 Intellivision Sharp Shot Sealed $15.00 Intellivision Sharp Shot Sealed $15.00 SOLD - Intellivision SNAFU Sealed $15.00 Intellivision Stampede Sealed $33.00 Intellivision Tron Maze-a-Tron Sealed $29.00 N64 Midway Greatest Hits 1 CIB $10.00 N64 Rainbow Six $5.00 N64 World is not Enough CIB $15.00 NES Bump’n Jump CI $5.00 NES Ironsword Wizard & Warriors II CIB $15.00 SOLD - NES Millipede CI $6.00 NES Slalom CI $7.00 NES Wizards & Warriors CIB $15.00 NES Wizards & Warriors III IB $18.00 NES Xevious CIB $7.00 PS1 Williams Arcade’s Greatest Hits CIB $10.00 PS1 The Atari Collection 1 CIB $10.00 PS1 The Atari Collection 2 CIB $10.00 PS1 The Midway Collection 2 CIB $10.00 PS1 Ultimate 3D Pinball CIB $5.00 PS1 Tomorrow Never Dies CIB $5.00 PS1 Worms Armageddon CIB $4.00 PS2 Tomb Raider Legend Sealed w/guide $20.00 PSP Burnout Dominator Sealed $15.00 14 Strategy Guides $2 each PVP2 console $15.00 * This is a simple console that might be fun for a hacker as there is the capability of storing many games directly on the console.
  6. Hi I'm selling some games for N64, PS2 and Colecovision homebrews. Sega ST-V Fighting Dragon : Legend Elan Doree 25€ Guardian Force 35€ N64 - PAL Goldeneye Cart only 8€ 6€ Mario Party 3 Cart only - Sold outside AA - Colecovision homebrews. Star Force. Port from Sega SG-1000. - Sold - Konami's Ping-Pong and Konami's Billards. Ports from MSX. - Sold - Konami's Circus Charlie. Port from MSX. - Sold - Published by Teampixelboy. PS2 - NTSC-J Thunder Force VI CIB 20€ Sold Gigawings Generations CIB 20€ Sold Silpheed CIB 20€ - Sold outside AA - Shipping would be from Europe.
  7. I also met a very nice guy named Brutezilla. Or maybe Brucezilla? Not sure...
  8. All are complete in box w/ cart and manual except syd of valis which is c/b. Would love to sell as a lot but will make bundle deals as well. Selling only but will include free shipping w/ tracking in U.S. I don't have a price on Landstalker yet bc this is the one that has the promotional fruit roll up with it If you want a pic of insides (etc.) , please send me a pm and I'll shoot it over...thanks! Syd of Valis $118 Valis $80 SOLD Alisia $84 Shining Force $50 " II $75 Traysia $70 Wardner $70 Phantasy star III (manual worn)- free w/ purchase of 2 or more Evermore $75 Gaia $55 Mystic Quest $40 Y's III $55 Zelda: LTTP $78 Zelda OOT $55 Zelda Majora $55 *Pending sold And neogeo is on ebay but I can pull it if interested: http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-NeoGeo-Pocket-Color-Launch-Edition-Silver-Handheld-System-W-SONIC-GAME-/302227451071?hash=item465e28ecbf:g:kjMAAOSw3v5YpwlI
  9. Kinsey is BACK with a stack of Nintendo 64 Hidden Gems for you game collectors! Games Shown: Mischief Makers Goemon’s Great Adventure Pokemon Puzzle League Beetle Adventure Racing Blast Corps Snowboard Kids Robotron 64 BustaMove 2 What games should be in Part 2?
  10. Hi guys, my name is Grazi and I'm from Brazil. Here in Brazil it's really difficult for collectors to find original game boxes, and when we find one it's not always in good conditions. So people love to buy repro boxes for their games, and the closer of the original, the better! The thing is, i'm moving to US and I would like to continue this work, but I'm still getting into your culture, so I would like to know if you guys like this kind of work, if you use to buy it, etc.. how do you like it? I already made game boxes for: Sega Genesis, SNES, NES, ATARI, N64, MASTER SYSTEM, GBA, GBC. And now I have this project of start making consoles/handhelds boxes also. You can see in the image below that I'm working on a GBC Yellow box, 100% vectorized (except the screenshots), and now I'm treating the background image in Photoshop. So I think the result will be really nice!!! I used to make repro boxes a long time ago, like this: (this material is different from what I'm using now) And this is an exemple of the new material I found: Now, few years later, I have studied Graphic Designer and I'm able to make a better job, because now I can improve the image so much more too. Just remembering, the images are not downloaded from websites and printed, they receive a long Photoshop treatment, and many icons and texts are all new (vector). So I would really appreciate if you guys could give some feedback of what you would like to see in terms of REPRO BOXES, like, 100% loyal to the original, custom version, etc. Just tell me
  11. I know there is a topic comparing the jaguar and the N64 and, no offense, but the N64 is clearly superior in almost every way. But im asking about fhe Jaguar 2, AKA: project midsummer. So this is project midsummer vs. project reality. Jaguar2 vs. N64 I would put the specs here but for some reason copy and paste won't work. N64 specs are the same in most places as more is confirmed but jag2 specs differ from place to place and i'm not sure which one to trust so be careful.
  12. Hi, I am happy to have this console, but wanna know if anybody tested hack that was present from 2017-2018. I not speak Japanese and not wanna brick console or sth. Just wanna know if there is possibility to reflash stock fw. Saw some videos on Twitch where Mupen64 was used, there is also possibility to use other emulators/cores. Link to GitHub page of project https://github.com/hissorii/retrofd Link to some blog posts http://blog.livedoor.jp/akira2005/ Nintendo 64 on Retro Freak https://www.twitch.tv/videos/169903803?filter=highlights&sort=time
  13. I'm selling my personal collection of Nintendo (NES), Super Nintendo (SNES), Nintendo 64 (N64), and Gamboy Advance games. They have all been tested, and have never been stored in extreme temperatures. All my auctions start at $1. I have auctions ending every couple minutes on Sunday so you'll be able to bid until the last second on any you're interested in. Even if you already have some of the games I'm offering there is a good chance that my copy could be in better condition than the one you have because some of these were purchased by my family and I over 30 years ago and have not traded hands many times like a lot have. I do combine shipping! I'm selling my video game collection due to having some extra time during the pandemic. I really enjoyed cleaning up these games and would like to use the money from these auctions toward other games I can restore and recondition. Bidding on my auctions means that you're helping preserve video games while also putting me in a position to take this to the next level. I have made sure to get these games in the best condition I could prior to listing them. I spent several hours cleaning up these game cartridges and getting every bit of blemish off of them so that you don't have to. I understand that the reason some games sell for more is because of how good of condition they're in, and I went to great lengths to get these in the shape they are in. I have auctions ending every couple minutes on Sunday so you'll be able to bid until the last second on any you're interested in. Below is a direct URL to my eBay page. Thanks for looking! My eBay page: https://www.ebay.com/usr/sega_ichi Here's all the games that I have listed: Nintendo (NES) Totally Rad Low G Man Super Mario Bros 2 Little Nemo The Dream Master Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II The Goonies II Bad Street Brawler The Simpsons Bart vs the World Double Dragon Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers Pinball Kung Fu Heroes Operation Wolf Shooting Range Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tennis [5 Screw] Tetris Sky Shark Super Mario Bros Super Mario Bros 3 Kings of the Beach Mad Max Kid Niki Radical Ninja Snake Rattle n Roll Knight Rider Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt Fester's Quest Gyromite [5 Screw] Bump 'n' Jump Trog Xenophobe Baseball [5 Screw] Bad Dudes Tetris Karnov Batman The Video Game Cybernoid The Fighting Machine Marble Madness Code Name Viper Super Nintendo (SNES) Mortal Kombat II Ultraman Jim Power Pilotwings NBA Jam Tournament Edition WWF Super Wrestlemania Mortal Kombat 3 WildSnake Battletoads and Double Dragon The Ultimate Team NFL Quarterback Club WWF Super Wrestlemania Nintendo 64 (N64) Jet Force Gemini Tetrisphere NFL Quarterback Club 98 Perfect Dark Gameboy Advance Risk / Battleship / Clue The Urbz Sims in the City Finding Nemo The Sims 2: Pets
  14. Got some games for sale. PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING COSTS, will ship items very protected & as cheap as possible https://imgur.com/xof8bNh https://imgur.com/T5mC7Kw https://imgur.com/Hyx5GbF https://imgur.com/aNRim4J https://imgur.com/gCxOqmR https://imgur.com/T6jiZ8s Gameboy: Sold Zelda oracle of the seasons in box, *no box insert* game, box and booklet are in Amazing shape. $50 Silver Pokemon Gameboy Color Console Bundle, Includes ac plug in adaptor, car plug in charger, 2 Games, Tetris & alleyway. $5 SHREK FAIRY TALE FREAKDOWN- Includes Instruction booklet & Plastic game case. $10 Kirby's Dreamland- Cart only, Includes Plastic game case. N64: Games are all cart only but in very good condtion Games are all cart only but in very good condtion $30 Supermario 64 Sold Mariokart 64 Sold Gold eye 007 $15 rampage world tour Sold Pokémon puzzle league $15 Starfox64 Sold Crusin world $10 Star Wars rogue squadron $10 Star Wars shadows of the empire $10 Ready 2 rumble boxing $20 rampage world tour $15 Pokémon puzzle league $15 Starfox64 $10 Crusin world $10 Star Wars rogue squadron $10 Star Wars shadows of the empire $10 Ready 2 rumble boxing $5 Rumble pack $5 Tremor Pack & memory card Sega Genesis: Cart only. See pics for condition $20 Boogerman $20 Captain America and the Avengers $10 Disney's Aladdin $10 Street Fighter 2 Special Championship Edition $10 Sonic 3 *not for resale* $5 Sonic *not for resale* $5 Warlock $5 Eternal Champions $3 Toughman Contest $3 The Jungle Book $3 Sonic 2 Not for resale *have 2 of these* $3 Jammit $3 Greatest Heavyweights $3 Nba action 95 Playstation 2 $3 each, Memory cards. see picture
  15. Hi all! Got a few more games for sale. Buy one, buy more than one, take the whole lot? Shipping is a flat $5 in the US. PM me if interested and thanks for looking [sNES] ActRaiser $19 Super Mario All-Stars, with manual $19 [N64] Donkey Kong 64 $9 Glover $9 [3DS] Ocarina of Time, complete $9 [Dreamcast] Ms. Pac-man Maze Madness, complete $9 [PS2] Final Fantasy X-2, complete $9 Robotech: Battlecry, with box $4 [PS4] Final Fantasy XV, complete $9 (note FF XV is the European version, but it is region free) Mass Effect Andromeda, complete $9 Cheers, Ben
  16. I remember growing up playing Atari and NES, and reaching various points on a level and BAM! One game that comes to mind was Ninja Gaiden when I would jump, and a dam bat would hit me in the air and I would have to start the level over again. I don't know how I didn't break my controller, but my wall had some serious marks in the drywall. Of course I wouldn't do that with today's game consoles controllers. Their controllers are made like a piece of $hit. I have to say in my opinion the NES controllers were built to last! What games parts really pissed you off?
  17. The Doctor V64 unit contains a CD-ROM drive which sits underneath the Nintendo 64 and plugs into the expansion slot on the underside of the Nintendo 64. Its a great way to play roms on the original hardware.
  18. Or at least my battle to get it clean enough to work!
  19. Hi folks Looking for an adaptor cart suitable for a V64 Bung Doctor for the N64 there are several variants available (eg DX256, DS1 "save cade", ultra SFX 64) but any will do - I just want to get it running ! Sensible offers please. Thanks in advance for any response. Regards Simon
  20. -ALL PRICES ARE SHIPPED IN U.S. -BUNDLED PRICES ARE MOST WELCOME! AND strikeouts mean SOLD! - NO TRADES AT THIS TIME, PP AND AMAZON GC WELCOME *ps1* Elemental gearbolt ps1 cib $70 Thousand Arms Ps1 CIB $60 Breath of fire iv cib. Ps1 $40 *gc* The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (GameCube)cib $45 Super Mario Sunshine (GameCube) cib, $30 Pikmin gc c/b $22 Re 2 gc cib $35 Re 3 gc cib $30 *ps2* Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (PlayStation 2) c/b $40 God hand ps2 cib $40 Robot alchemic drive ps2 cib $40 *Ds*/*gba* Spirit tracks "Not for Resale" cart DS $25 Breath of Fire gba cib $45 Sword of mana cib gba $25 *n64* Conkers bad fur day cart n64 & CIB $75/$140 Mystical ninja starring goemon n64 cart $35 *snes* Zombies ate my neighbors snes cart $35 Mario All-stars/World $40 Donkey Kong Country C/B $35 Secret of Evermore C/B/Map $60 *genesis* Mazin Saga Mutant Fighter cart $28
  21. I'd like to get at least an N64 game this month and I have some options. To make a long story short, I own a Nintendo 64 that I bought from my cousin years and years ago fro pretty much nothing. These are the games that came with the system: Super Mario 64, Bomberman 64, Quake 2, Automobili Lamborghini, Chopper Attack, ISS 98, Duke Nukem 64, Space Station Silicon Valley, Star Wars Shadow of the Empire and Turok. Some of the options I have include in my immediate wish-list include Diddy Kong Racing, Mickey's Speedway USA and Pokemon Snap. Am I missing something? I don't know that many Nintendo 64 games because everything that I played was on emulators more than a decade ago and I just focused on Super Smash Bros. and the Zelda games that are hard to come by here and extremely expensive. Also, a copy of ISS 2000 recently surfaced, I thought that game was one of the rarest of the system and the seller is offering for not that much (around $34 to be more specific). Should I go for it? Is that game that rare? Thanks in advance!
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