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Found 12 results

  1. ***UPDATE: Download the ENTIRE NTSC & PAL Atari 7800 set HERE. Original Post follows... This is relatively important, especially for our game developers I'm hoping this helps and makes color conversion from one format to another a bit easier. Download both raw color palettes here: There is no bias and both palettes share the following same attributes per standard Atari 7800 configuration without any display device influence (And no 'warm-up' factor). This is system cold/factory default settings as follows: Contrast = 0.05 Brightness = 0.00 Color = 0.22 Phase = 25.7 Colorburst = 180 degrees This NTSC palette and the ones to follow are brand new and never released before due to error on my part, but this PAL palette has been released before under a different name, again due to errors on my part. Again, they are both the 'raw' ones for their respective regions. Your input (especially PAL users as I am in NTSC land) is greatly appreciated for this thread. Thank You, Robert
  2. darryl1970


    It's Pengo! Here's a demo of Pengo. I hope you enjoy. The full version has Novice, Arcade, and Expert difficulty levels. Each difficulty has its own high score board, when used with a high score save device. (One combined scoreboard when no device is present) Difficulty Levels: (Demo does not have multiple difficulty levels.) Novice: # of Pengos = 5; Extra Pengo = 30,000; Snow-bees start off at very slow speed Arcade: # of Pengos = 3; Extra Pengo = 30,000; Snow-bees start off at standard pace. Average intelligence. Expert: # of Pengos = 3; Extra Pengo = 50,000; Fast snow-bees Demo: # of Pengos = 2; Extra Pengo = 30,000; Arcade difficulty; # Of Playable Levels = 4 I tried to take the best of the arcade and 5200 versions, to make what I feel to be the most balanced conversion. I feel that the arcade can be brutally unfair. The arcade collision heavily favors the snow-bees. It is easier to miss with an ice block, especially on higher levels. Also, the wall stun is delayed in the arcade version. If Pengo stuns a snow-bee that is next to him, the arcade snow-bee will slide into Pengo, kill Pengo, and then it will be stunned. Pengo is momentarily unable to move after pushing or crushing an ice block. My version has a slightly lesser delay after Pengo pushes a block or crushes an ice block. The arcade delay seems to get longer as the snow-bees get insanely fast. It makes the game feel impossible at times. I think the game is difficult enough already. If Arcade Mode is too easy on this version, Expert more than makes up for it. I have not yet decided what to do about the rounds. The arcade game has 16 rounds. The arcade game becomes almost impossible after round 14. It becomes harder to hit the snow-bees with the ice, they crush the ice before the player can push a cube, and they are much faster than Pengo. After round 16, the game loops to level 1, and the difficulty is back to level 1 difficulty. I believe this is because the game is so difficult and cheap at that point, the programmers never expected anybody to get that far. I currently allow the game rounds to continue on indefinitely. I kind of like it this way. The game has 12 different intermissions. The last two intermissions alternate after level 12. Unlike the arcade game, this version does not reset to level 1 after level 16. Update 11/13/2021 Fixed issue where sno-bees travel through star blocks and blocks with eggs hidden inside. I wasn't going to change this, because it can happen in the arcade. I still allow it at level reset, if a sno-bee is trapped in its corner. Fixed issue with sno-bee randomness. This makes the sno-bees a little less predictable. It's been broken for a while. "Pento" can no longer hide on the other side of a star block when all of the sno-bees are on the same vertical or horizontal path. Updated the banner to match the arcade bootleg, "Penta". More TIA harmonies & updated Pokey alternate tune. Other sound tweaks. Minor cosmetic changes PentaDEMO(11-13-2021-AM).a78 PentaBUP(11-13-2021-AM).a78 Update 11/06/2021 - Many updates Refined controls. Smoother navigation. Button action now mimics the arcade, so it can not be held down indefinitely. Credits screen has been added Snow-bees hatch faster Tighter snow-block collision. (Almost too easy now!) Intermission penguins walk from off-screen now. Music is sync'd to where it plays the full tune after level 6. The arcade ALWAYS cuts the tune off. (The intermission can be skipped with the joystick button once the penguins are half-way across the screen.) Additional level layouts: 16 regular and 2 hidden (ZPH & Blob mode) Minor cosmetic changes The most noticeable updates: Refinements to POKEY music. Thanks again @playsoft for the engine and Popcorn POKEY. Intermission has dedicated POKEY music @Pat Brady Brady updated and refined the TIA Engine, adding dedicated harmonies. He reworked the TIA tunes (LEFT DIFFICULTY selects POKEY/TIA) I have no issues with my versa-cart or Dragonfly. POKEY sound is fixed on Concerto (At least is works on my cart). TIA sound also works on Concerto. I did have one issue where the game would crash when I tried to start the game. I erased the game off of my card and recopied it to the card. It has been running on my Concerto for 3 hours now in invincible mode. It's now up to level 80, since the snow-bees forfeit after 2 minutes of inactivity. Half has been in POKEY mode, and half in TIA. PengoDemo(11-06-2021).a78 PengoBUP(11-06-2021).a78 Update 10/23/2021 - Alternating BG tunes; Updated TIA Popcorn This version alternates the background tunes per-round. I start with the Popcorn tune, since that appears to be the original tune used. This also includes an updated Popcorn tune for TIA A new cheat code has been added. This one can be accessed inthe demo: At the title screen: {right, right, right, left, left, left} toggles the ability to force the background tune. This just unlocks and locks the right difficulty switch, to be used as the versions prior to the alternating tune. Tighened up the collision when an iceblock catches a snow-bee Added a sfx when a snow-bee is crushed PengoDemo(10-23-2021-AM).a78 PengoBUP(10-23-2021-AM).a78 Update 10/22/2021 - TIA Popcorn, for those without POKEY. Sorry for the quick post, but this may be the last for a while. A lot came together, and I think I am winding down to more of a maintenance mode, unless I decide to alternate the background tunes. This contains general clean up in sound. Key Pokey harmonies from a table. PengoDemo(10-22-2021-MD).a78 PengoBUP(10-22-2021-MD).a78 *** Bonus: There are 6 hidden modes that are unlockable in the full version. I compiled a couple into a demo. Pengo doesn't lose any lives, but the demo is only limited to a number of level clears. Blob Mode (Used to test the Blobs. After being on a level for two-minutes, this mode is activated in regular play.) - PengoBlobDemo(10-22-2021).a78 ZPH @ZeroPage Homebrew Mode (Every other board is the ZPH level) - PengZPHDemo(10-22-2021).a78 Update 10/21/2021 - Popcorn added for POKEY sound. LeftDiff = POKEY On/Off; RightDiff = Alternative/Popcorn PengoDemo(10-21-2021-PM).a78 PengoBUP(10-21-2021-PM).a78 Update 10/16/2021 - High Score saves (To clear corrupted high scores, hold RESET & SELECT on options screen.) The previous demo skipped the high score entry screen. This is fixed, and music is added. PengoDemo(10-16-2021-AM).a78 BUP does not support high scores. PengoBUP(10-16-2021-AM).a78 Update: 10/13/2021 PengoDemo(10-12-2021-PM).a78 PengoBUPDemo(10-12-2021).a78 First Public Demo - 10/08/2021 PengoDemo(10-08-2021-PM).a78
  3. So, I just installed the Prosystem emulator for the 7800, and have it working well, but apparently you can't use the triggers on an Xbox 360 controller with it? I looked online and they said something about a Z axis, but I don't see that listed as an option in the controller setup. I am using the A button currently, but would much prefer the trigger to shoot especially in a game like Centipede where that's all you do it shoot the whole time.
  4. Both with and without GUI available here in 32 and 64-bit flavors: http://messui.the-chronicles.org/ Necessary BIOS files - leaved zipped - do not unzip - and create a ROMS folder in the root MESS folder (I.E. C:\MESS\ROMS): NTSC: a7800.zip PAL: a7800p.zip For those interested in utilizing all the fancy HLSL video options you need these files: hlsl.zip The hlsl.zip file you need to unzip and place the folder in the MESS root folder (I.E. C:\MESS\HLSL) Here are some additional support folders - to be handled similarly to the HLSL folder: Artwork (Provides additional screen/monitor effects and overlays): artwork.zip [C:\MESS\ARTWORK] Controller Mappings (X-Arcade, HotRodSE, etc.): ctrlr.zip [C:\MESS\CTRL] Emulator Documents (Command line options, explanation of settings, etc.): docs.zip [C:\MESS\DOCS] Donkey Kong XM and Bentley Bear - Crystal Quest are now playable with full POKEY support. Of course Commando, Ballblazer, Beef Drop, Froggie, Pac-Man Collection XM/POKEY edition still work beautifully as well. Any game images you have can be zipped or unzipped, but must have a header (*.a78 files) and placed in a folder called software (I.E. C:\MESS\SOFTWARE). Of course, you may place you game images anywhere, but need to configure MESS accordingly.
  5. Short and Sweet version... The most complete and diverse palettes available; including not only "tint/hue" but internal console "pot adjustments" as well which in part accounts for variances between systems and displays. A range of brilliance and saturation levels are included too. Grab the complete set with below description and explanation here: GCCFINALXX_20130624.zip *UPDATED 6/24* - Additional color logic/decode for neutral "pot" palettes and improved naming convention. Detailed version... The GCCFINALXX palettes offer a robust range of settings with much diversity regarding color control. It includes "tint" adjustment (as typical found on a display's end-user controls) as well as "pot" adjustment (Color tuning found inside the 7800 console). Additionally, there is a range of color brilliance and saturation settings from the raw/base levels to extreme levels. Here is a typical file name: "NTSC_GCCFINAL1G_XTRBRT_LOWSAT.pal" It describes the palette in the following four areas: I. Region II. Palette Family Pot and Tint/Hue Setting III. Brilliance Setting IV. Saturation Level I. REGION: The region difference is noted by either NTSC or PAL in the file name. II. PALETTE FAMILY POT / TINT SETTING The difference respecting the "pot adjustment" is noted by either number 1, 2, or 3 in the file name: 1 = More Blue to Red, Less Blue to Green. 2 = Neutral 3 = More Blue to Green, Less Blue to Red. The difference respecting the "tint/hue setting" is noted by either a letter G, N, or R. G = More Green N = Neutral R = More Red Complete Color Base line: GCCFINAL1G = TINT is more green / POT is more blue over red, less blue over green GCCFINAL2G = TINT is more green / POT is neutral GCCFINAL2G-ALT = TINT is more green / POT is neutral (Alternate color logic) GCCFINAL3G = TINT is more green / POT is more blue over green, less blue over red GCCFINAL1N = TINT is neutral / POT is more blue over red, less blue over green GCCFINAL2N = TINT is neutral / POT is neutral GCCFINAL2N-ALT = TINT is neutral / POT is neutral (Alternate color logic) GCCFINAL3N = TINT is neutral / POT is more blue over green, less blue over red GCCFINAL1R = TINT is more red / POT is more blue over red, less blue over green GCCFINAL2R = TINT is more red / POT is neutral GCCFINAL2R-ALT = TINT is more red / POT is neutral (Alternate color logic) GCCFINAL3R = TINT is more red / POT is more blue over green, less blue over red III. BRILLIANCE: The level of color brilliance or brightness is noted using the following: LOW = Base/Raw Level MED = Average Level XTR = Extreme Level Complete Brilliance Line (Least to Greatest) = LOWBRT, MEDBRT, XTRBRT IV. SATURATION: The level of color saturation is noted using the following: LOW = Base/Raw Level MED = Average Level XTR = Extreme Level Complete Saturation Line (Least to Greatest) = LOWSAT, MEDSAT, XTRSAT A few final thoughts...Keep in mind that your current display device (Computer monitor can have a slant/push) may result in you choosing a palette that could seem like an unlikely candidate or choice. For example, have you ever read a review where they says the monitor has, not a red, but a "pink push", or "too much pink"? The actual issue may be there is a stronger than expected or accustomed to blue over red ratio. In that scenario, you may want to counter it with one of the GCCFINAL3X palettes depending on how strong the monitor's slant/push is of "pink". Or if you have a display with a red push, you may want or/and need to counter it with one of the GCCFINALXG palettes. Then again, your current display may be perfectly color calibrated and it is the original 7800 system or device you play(ed) it on that leans or slants in a certain direction regarding colors as a result of the pot adjustment or television configuration. It's all factors to keep in mind when trying the select a palette that looks 'right' to you. Please note too, one palette may look just right for one game and very wrong for another. A few titles there is little noticeable changes (I.E. Dig Dug) among a slew of different palettes. In other titles, each palette will make a obvious and distinct difference (I.E. Xenophobe). ENJOY!
  6. ...After you press the power button? Let's see... 1-3 SECONDS --> 15-30 SECONDS --> 1 MINUTE 2 MINUTES --> 5 MINUTES --> 8 MINUTES 20 MINUTES --> 1 HOUR --> 5 HOURS ANSWER... It is Phase Shifting. Yeah, you know what this means... More coming soon.
  7. New palettes for ProSystem - Maria247, Maria252, Maria257, Maria262, Maria267, Maria272, & Maria277! Download them here: Maria2XX_Palettes_20131016.zip Not to be outdone by her older sister, Maria has received some new clothes as well. Like the Stella palettes, we have Phase Shifts 24.7 through 27.7 degrees in 0.5 degree increments. Unlike the Stella palettes under the Stella emulator, Maria has no easy way to make adjustments to the base values when being utilized under the ProSystem emulator, as many video options are not present. So, in addition to the base values, three varieties of intensity accompany the set. Also, the Maria palettes have different files for each region. NTSC and PAL regions are included. After further investigation and research, it appears what seems to be 'automatic' pot adjusting while the system is running is simply just the phase shifting. It is better understood and captured at a lower/cooler start (24.7 degrees) and watching via gradual increases of 0.5 degree. Previous palettes only offered phase shifts 25.7, 26.7, and 27.7. This set is much more complete and thorough in covering the 7800's hues and their respective phases on a CRT better than any prior releases. Screen captures to follow are in this order: Maria247 --> Maria252 --> Maria257 (aka 180 degrees colorburst) --> Maria262 --> Maria267 --> Maria272 --> Maria277 Color Charts (NTSC) Color Charts (PAL) Color Grids (NTSC) Color Grids (PAL) Following screen captures provide an example difference of intensity in this order: Maria262 --> Maria262x1 --> Maria262x2 --> Maria262x3 Donkey Kong XM Bentley Bear's Crystal Quest Here's the Phase shifting in action shown in the following order: Maria247 --> Maria252 --> Maria257 --> Maria262 --> Maria267 --> Maria272 --> Maria277 Joust Scrapyard Dog Enjoy.
  8. Already having discussed the problem we have (http://www.atariage....2/#entry2659435) when trying to use the raw video output, straight RGB values coming from a NTSC A7800, in a palette for emulators which lack proper NTSC video emulation (especially YUV/YIQ support), what will be accomplished here is taking YUV/YIQ achieved colors turn them 'vibrant' and make hard RGB values from them. In that same thread here... http://www.atariage....2/#entry2659624... you'll notice that true NTSC/YIQ/YUV simulation created multiple shade for each color value. So we will take some of the greater values and make a VIBRANT palette from it. The palette will be bright and brilliant respecting red against green, and blue will be stronger relative to the RAW palette or even a default derived YUV palette. Again this is to simulate the colors many NTSC users likely saw from their analog CRT TV's favoring more vibrance. This end result being limited with just an RGB palette and no further video controls working off the RAW palette from the previously linked thread. MESS is closer to ideal: http://www.atariage....2/#entry2660238 but I know many like using ProSystem and wanted to provide this for the community. Here is the NTSC_A7800_YUV_VIBRANT palette and color chart: NTSC_A7800_YUV_VIBRANT.zip
  9. Hello! I am interested in purchasing a used copy of Midnight Mutants if anyone is willing to sell. Please reply directly with pricing! NTSC version only. Thank you! -Aaron
  10. Greetings, I have been trying to copy some disk images in ATR format via the APE and Prosystem PC applications, via SIO2PC (USB) and Atari 1050 drive. I know the drive and interface work because I've successfully loaded programs from both into my 800XL. The problem is, when I try to transfer the disk image to real floppy, the copy fails - I believe this is because all of the ATR images I'm finding online are double density (180kb), and my stock 1050 disk drive is only designed to read/write single density. Does this sound correct? And if so, is there any convenient way around this, aside from upgrading my 1050 to read/write double density? I'd be content to just load files from the emulated drives available via APE and the SIO2PC interface, but the interface is on loan from a friend so I'd like to get some disks made before returning it. Thanks in advance for any advice!
  11. Building off the cumulative knowledge, experience, and feedback from the community, incorporating both phase shifts and pot shifts and have never taken into consideration before that not only can the colors phase shift during the duration of the consoles running time, they can also pot shift, here are the latest palettes, download includes nicely brighten and saturated palettes as well as their respective raw/base values: 2X7-X00_PALETTES_20130906.zip They are sorted by region and then phase value. Within each phase value (257, 267, 277) there is the pot adjustments (000 = Blue to Red More, 300 = Neutral, 600 = Blue to Green More). Despite how you set and calibrate the pot adjustment (Dial closest to the cartridge port), it may still end up leaning in one direction or another over time while running. It makes sense to me too, as it explains a while ago when I was calibrating the color on one of my 7800 consoles, I made the appropriate adjustment after it was running for a while, and then after closing it up, putting it back with the rest of my collection, and starting it up again the next day, the pot adjustment looked 'wrong' from the way I recall setting it. The below chart explains what each capture to follow is displaying. Additionally, you will notice a box is highlighted green; it is the one set with the technically accurate palette. It has a 25.7 degree phase shift along with the pot in the neutral position, leaning blue neither towards red or green more. Within ~2-5 minutes your system should ideally be right around that setting. However, over time the palette can, and for every system I have ever seen or heard about, does shift. How much it shifts and whether it is just the pot or just the phase or both seems to vary greatly. Below shows the color charts and some in-game captures. NTSC captures are on the left, and PAL captures are on the right. Just to be clear, there are no hue/tint adjustments to any of these palettes. These color changes are strictly what the console can do 'on its own' while the system is running: Going back to something mentioned earlier, the 26.7 palette setting still appears to be an ideal choice in accounting for what we know factually of the console shifting - and allowing a modest shift for it, as well as providing a happy medium to games that look ideal at 25.7 degree phase shift - such as Joust, Galaga, Pole Position II, and games that look more ideal under a 27.7 degree phase shift - such as Ikari Warriors, Midnight Mutants, Commando. Enjoy, and hope you find your palette match. I’m very curious of observations and feedback from our PAL community. Covering which is the closest to what is seen during both a short duration (Running ~5-10 minutes), and then what the colors look like after running for a longer period (~1 hour or more). Of course feedback from our NTSC users is always welcomed and appreciated as well, either via PM or this thread.
  12. Okay folks...here we go. These are palette files from an actual NTSC color palette generator. The first set has a "standard", but some people may prefer or have televisions that either emphasized green or red more (aka Tint/Hue Control). Also, if you have adjusted the color pot in the 7800 unit itself, it can also account for these slight variations. The following variety of files accounts for that and hopefully more for you: NEUT.pal - Neutral Standard NEUT_MINUS_05.pal - NEUT.pal with minus 05 degree shift (Red Lean) NEUT_MINUS_10.pal - NEUT.pal with minus 10 degree shift (More Red) NEUT_MINUS_15.pal - NEUT.pal with minus 15 degree shift (Most Red) NEUT_PLUS_05.pal - NEUT.pal with plus 05 degree shift (Green Lean) NEUT_PLUS_10.pal - NEUT.pal with plus 10 degree shift (More Green) NEUT_PLUS_15.pal - NEUT.pal with plus 15 degree shift (Most Green) The next set contains two slight adjustments to contrast and saturation providing a more pleasing looking (and IMHO, more TV realistic) colors: NEUTADJ.pal - NEUT.pal with 33.3% less contrast and 50% less saturation NEUTADJ_MINUS_05.pal - NEUTADJ.pal with minus 05 degree shift (Red Lean) NEUTADJ_MINUS_10.pal - NEUTADJ.pal with minus 10 degree shift (More Red) NEUTADJ_MINUS_15.pal - NEUTADJ.pal with minus 15 degree shift (Most Red) NEUTADJ_PLUS_05.pal - NEUTADJ.pal with plus 05 degree shift (Green Lean) NEUTADJ_PLUS_10.pal - NEUTADJ.pal with plus 10 degree shift (More Green) NEUTADJ_PLUS_15.pal - NEUTADJ.pal with plus 15 degree shift (Most Green) No matter what palette you choose you will immediately see 'base' appropriate colors in situations like the enemy birds in 'Joust', the forest in 'Bentley Bear - Crystal Quest', and the latest 'Tank Command - Midnight Run' & 'Donkey Kong - Pokey Sound' (Arcade colors) hack, as well as appropriate colors in other standard/original titles - Xenophobe, Dig Dug, Ms. Pac-Man, Commando, etc. Ideally it would be great to see ProSystem, MESS, and all other Atari 7800 emulators incorporate something like Blargg effects or their own internal NTSC color generator. For now though, I hope this helps and benefits the community, Trebor PaletteRC1.zip
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