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Found 7 results

  1. Most of what I experienced of the pre-Disney Star Wars EU was via 2003 Clone Wars, Pandemic Battlefront games, and Lucasarts TFU. Honestly, I was at first mildly-moderately shocked when Bob Iger and Kathleen Kennedy allowed for the EU wipe to happen. True, there were stupid and nonsensical things here and there in the old EU for sure; you could find stuff of that quality in the pre-2005 Star trek books as well. That doesn't cancel out any of the good parts, such as the Thrawn Trilogy, Splinter of the Mind's Eye, Republic Commando, 2003 Clone Wars animated series, the Yuuzhan Vong Invasion and Jango Fett Dark Horse comics, Droids Cartoon, Shadows of the Empire, New Jedi order book series, and Fate of the Jedi novels. >INB4 THE EU WAS NEVER CANON! WRONG! The Star Wars continuity originally had several layers of canon/continuity. Before the time of the EU wipe in April of 2014, it went like this: G- Absolutely, positively canon. All of the films in the saga are in this category. T- Also canon, but not exactly as crucial as material in G level. Occupied primarily by 2008 CGI Clone Wars TV Show and the animated movie that directly preceded it. (This level is one of the few gripes I have with the old canon, as TCW is explicitly set in-between Episodes II and III, plus Lucas had quite more involvement in it than the 2003 series, mainly as the executive producer. Plus, the show was made in-house by Lucasfilm animation!) C- Canon as well, but can be overridden by material of higher-level. The bulk of the EU was in this category. Stuff in this category included the Jedi Academy novels, Lando Carlissian novel trilogy, Han Solo Origins and Han Solo Adventures books, most of the Dark Horse comics, Heir to the Empire novels aka "Thrawn trilogy", New Jedi Order novels, Fate of the Jedi novels, 1980s Droids cartoon, Ewoks cartoon, Kenobi novel, many of the SW video games by Lucasarts such as Shadows of the Empire, Dark Forces 1 and 2, both KOTOR games, Republic Commando, and the Pandemic Battlefront games, and the Darth Plageuis novel. S- Secondary continuity. Material in this category is mostly stuff that has been overridden, but not so much that its entirely out of the window canon-wise, and thus could be seen as an alternate universe. Included most of the old 1970s-1980s Marvel comic books, Traviss Mandalorian novels, the "life day" part of the Holiday special, Galaxy of fear books, The Force Unleashed 1&2, Death Troopers book, and the Crystal Star novel. D- Detours level. An even lower form of canon than S. Reserved mostly for parodic works, such as Detours(A CGI show that had one season made but never officially released due to the Disney buyout), and maybe also the Robot Chicken sketches. N- Non-canon. Stuff in here is at best a "what-if" kind of story. stuff in this level included the majority of the Holiday Special, the 2003 2D animated Clone Wars mini-series after the coming of 2008 CGI Clone Wars TV show, some comics such as the Skippy the Droid comic mini-series and another comic where a cyborg Darth Maul gets into a fight with post-Phantom Menace Obi Wan Kenobi, and some novels. I am not one of the folks who believes that Star Wars cannot survive for long without George Lucas. The sequel trilogy that Disney is giving us would have been better had the post-IP sale Lucasfilm Story Group at most only slightly tweaked the canon policy, not wiped out every single non-film SW media that wasn't the 2008 TCW or the Son of Dathomir comic(the latter of which was kept likely because it directly tied in to TCW show). *sigh*
  2. I’ve recently been looking through the Box of my copy of Empire strikes back for the 2600 and found this game listed alongside of the Ewok adventure game in an ad (sorry for the bad picture, I couldn’t find the time to snap another). It seems to be the sister game to Ewok adventure since it’s listed as „Game II“ and Ewok Adventure is listed as „Game I“. Anyway I got curious and tried to do some research but couldn’t find anything. So I wanted to ask if anyone has ever seen this game before? It has obviously been canceled with Ewok adventure, but I just want to know if anyone has ever heard of it.
  3. I like this game. It's like Elite or Privateer for dummies, which is what I need. Lots of autopilot, autosave, and assist functions to protect me from myself, and highly playable shooty western space trading action. I'm playing on PC but if I continue to like it as much as I do now, I'll get it for Switch too, when that launches.
  4. I only recently became aware this port existed. I seem to have missed the boat this time around, but as an avid fan and collector of the Atari Star Wars games (and Jag stuff in general), I'm VERY keen on picking up a complete copy. If anyone has one they're willing to sell, please get in touch w/ me! Thanks in advance.
  5. There are approximately 1.6 billion Star Wars games out there...and here are some of the WEIRD, odd and FORGOTTEN games released that (you’re glad) you never heard of.
  6. Papa

    Jedi Padewan Iadude

    From the album: The Caraway Clan

    © Jay "Papa" Caraway

  7. hey guys, works been slow lately so ive been working on a hack, or to be more specific, a hack of a hack. the original hack was based on motocross, but the bike sprites had been replaced pod racers. its on JDD (http://jims_digital_domain.tripod.com/dwnloads.htm) if you want to have a look. Im taking it a step further by modifying all the other sprites (done) and changing the background (also done), but I also want to change the color of the sprites and background. witch is where im at a loss, ive made mods to games that use sprites in the past shure, (EX: chris sawyers locomotion) but in those games the sprite contained the colors used in it. on the Atari however, it seems the colors must be contained somewhere in the games code, and sense both the sprites and and all other code are in binary im having a difficult time finding what determines the color of the sprites. are there common locations in the bin to look for the colors, or are there any tools that can help me find them? I would appreciate any help, thank you.
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