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Found 117 results

  1. I don't know how much crossover there is between this forum and the vectrex area at proboards - in case there are homebrew programmers here who aren't aware of it - I've (re)started a project to write a Tailgunner lookalike which I started about 15 years ago and then shelved. This time I am determined to finish it and have got a lot farther than I did before - WIP can be seen at http://gtoal.com/vectrex/tailgunner/main.bin- I've been building it piece by piece and am now getting to the hard bit - the ships. I may have to cut a couple of corners but from experiments so far I think it should look enough like the original to evoke some of the same feeling when playing it. Anyway... I am coding this in public view - a recent (if not up to the hour) source will always be posted in http://gtoal.com/vectrex/tailgunner/main.c.html(or http://gtoal.com/vectrex/tailgunner/main.c ) and suggestions and collaborations are (extremely) welcome. Even criticisms :-) (Very thick skinned, I won't take offence. However some limitations I do already know about and were either expedient to get something started or are shortcuts to avoid computational overheads) I know people have wanted Tailgunner on the Vectrex for a long time, so if you're one of them and a programmer, feel free to contribute. This will be open source and free in all senses. I've set myself an informal deadline of Christmas (this year ) and one of the reasons I'm working on this in public view is so that there's pressure on me to finish it this time :-) Graham
  2. I recently rescued a Vectrex from a crumbling abandoned building. After i had replaced the cord, i figured out it does not work. There is no sound but the normal humming. Does anyone know if i could repair this?
  3. Various good stuff I'll be sad to part with, all items are loose and without retail packaging, suggested prices not including shipping, Nintendo Bioforce Ape prototype reproduction cartridge $40 Atari Telemach 200 joystick - import with IL arcade components, switch for Amiga compatibility $85 Vectrex Control panel $80 Minestorm overlay $30 Star Castle overlay $35 Original Lightpen with all three lightpen cartridges $160 Debuzz kit and Cap kit $40 .. I also have not pictured a never assembled Rolo's Vectrex controller .. I have the lightpen game manuals but I haven't decided to include them yet Spikes Circus and Vectrex Logo PCB reissues maybe for sale. Debris Revisited maybe for sale.
  4. Hi. I have a complete Vectrex game Berzerk for sale, it is in very nice condition, box is not much worn, stiff and just a bit torn on edges, manual has a bit dirty first page, cartridge is very clean and preserved such as the cartridge tray insert. Overlay has a surface scratches but not deep and not affecting play. Overlay sleeve is original but worn at opening. The price is 45€ with postage included to EU, or 55$ with postage included to the rest of the world. Send me a message is you are interested.
  5. I'm copying this over from I post i made on the Vectrex Fans unite facebook page: I make homemade Vectrex overlays by hand and my inkjet. Ready to take on the second batch of orders - the first ones have all been sent out! I find the quality to be great! I can do the original GCE releases only, no homebrew or unreleased games. The first batch was me figuring out the final process and pricing. They are $13 each and shipping is $8 US / $14 international (for one or up to 10). Send payment via paypal to [email protected] (good and services). In the note tell me which ones you are ordering. Or PM but paypal method is by far the easiest. Thanks and I hope those of you who ordered in the first round are pleased!
  6. Hi, just wanted to start a thread here for my next Vectrex game (my first was Big Blue). I have done no programming since the end of May but will pick things up again now summer is over. This was the last video I recorded: I added a vulture that dropped power ups since that video. Originally the next game was going to be Frontier which will be a wild west adventure game... but I think I will now release this as Outlaw Hill (guess the games it's inspired by Currently it's 2 player Vs only but I will try to add an AI opponent... if that doesn't work out I will add a separate 1 player game as I know 2 player only games aren't always popular. Doubt this will be out until 2018 but I'll keep the updates coming. www.vectorrepublic.co.uk
  7. Hi again, Vectrex-aholics. Just wanted to share a brief glimpse of two new MiniVex creations. In the first photo is the Mini-Twist, a pint sized spinner controller that includes all four button functions (numbered 1-4, left to right) and a rocker switch on the back to scroll through on-screen menus. Like the other MiniVex spinner units, the spinner doubles as an extra fire button. In the second photo is the Driving Package...a spinner controller that includes a detachable foot pedal. You can use it like any other spinner controller, but for an added fun element you can plug the foot pedal into the back and select any button 1-4 with the rotary dial. Using it with driving games is NOT required of course, but it was indeed made with that possibility in mind. This one is also menu compatible with a rocker switch for scrolling through menus, and the spinner doubling as an extra fire button. Wish any more info? Please contact me or post here. Larry
  8. Been striving for months to streamline and improve production methods as well as find better deals on parts and materials, and I'm finally there. All MiniVex controllers for the Vectrex are now $99 plus shipping. Except the MiniVex I, that one's $89. You can see pictures and descriptions of each model in the Vectrex forum here on AtariAge, or visit my eBay page at: eBay Seller: classicgamesandcarsfan Thank you to all who have helped MiniVex to become established in the classic gaming community. Larry
  9. Here's the newest addition to the MiniVex controller lineup for Vectrex. The MiniVex V features a steel case and an adjustable rapid fire feature for button #4, like the other models do. This one's got a LH mounted spinner control and a RH mounted analog paddle control. The spinner can be used with some homebrew games and an assortment of original Vectrex titles that have been modified for spinner use. It also doubles as an extra fire button, just push down on it. The paddle control can be used with the game "Hyperchase" in its original, unmodified Vectrex cartridge format, as well as Vectrace, Spike's Water Balloons, Vaboom, and a few other homebrew titles. There's also a switch that selects the X or Y axis for the paddle, which allows you to navigate menus on multi-carts AND crank up the thrusters on Moon Lander. All in all, a versatile package. Need additional info? Please post here or PM me. Larry
  10. ENTER THE FANTASTIC WORLD OF THE DARK TOWER! Helmut (hcmffm) and Nico (Nic Lobo aka pucpcuc) from Germany would like to honour a Vectrex game that was not released back in the 1980s: DARK TOWER. It's a pity that this great and unique action roleplaying game had no full physical release with box and overlay. We are going to change that! The goal is to make the finished product look and feel as if it was teleported here from the Eighties. PLEASE DO NOT ask to "put me on the list" because there is no list, yet. We will post here once the Dark Tower reproduction is near completion and ordering is possible. Cartridge numbers will be assigned randomly anyhow and not on a first come first served basis. Only one cartridge number is reserved already, that's Dark Tower #1 for John Hall, the original developer of the game. John wished us the best for the project (how cool is that?!). Production of a sufficient quality box and overlay will be challenging , and the final assembly and shipping will be a lot of work. But it's not just the two of us - Mat (Mayhem), Tony (50tbrd), and likely some more Vectrex enthusiasts will help us realise this project. Stay tuned! The picture shows a prototype which looks better on a photo, than in reality - just to give an idea where we are aiming to. Professional printing services will be used, so the final product will look different. Also artwork is still in progress and does not represent the final product. Nico and Helmut
  11. I've decided to seriously moderate my Vectrex addiction and limit myself to what really works for me and now I'm about down to the last stuff I intend to sell. This is all 22 U.S. GCE commercially produced screen overlays, along with the matching cartridges and manuals, offered for lot purchase. I have this cross listed on that one world wide website for $700 BIN or Best Offer. I'm looking for offers. More than half of these overlays are in what I consider excellent condition. The others are average. See photos for which is which. Hyperchase has a tiny dent and would otherwise be considered excellent by me. Manuals are average. Scramble is colored in. Cartridges are good condition, some excellent. I am not keen to break this lot up. The only exception would be a competitive offer where you leave a few games behind but take most. I am definitely not breaking up titles to sell overlays without carts, unless you plan to undervalue the stuff you are leaving behind. .. I have the three light pen games with manuals as well and haven't decided to sell yet. Inquire if you are interested. .. Few last things I'll be selling when ready will be broken/disassembled GCE Vectrex control panel, never built Vectrex controller kit by AtariAge Rolo, Starblast controller, Spike's Circus loose PCB and possibly Logo loose PCB and one more original Minestorm overlay. Also an unused no-buzz kit.
  12. BinaryStar

    Light Gun

    I built a Sega Light Phaser to Vectrex adapter today. Here's a quick (and low quality) video of me using it with Animaction.
  13. Here I tell you about Vectrex controllers.
  14. When I was developing the MiniVex Pedal I, the foot pedal add-on for Vectrex and Atari, I received a suggestion to make multiple units link up, so that more than one button could be interfaced with a pedal (ie:gas and brakes for driving games.) So I've been hemming and hawing over how to add jacks to an already crowded selector box, among numerous other details, and...just staring at them last night, the setup in the photo happened. No revisions whatsoever. And it works perfectly. Over TWO MONTHS since I received that suggestion! SMACK! (Sound of palm slapping forehead.) Does wisdom increase with age? I'm having serious doubts. Larry
  15. Hi Vectrex-ahloics...got a worn-out controller, and those little space mines are walking all over you? Here's some new alternatives to get those scores back up where they should be. The following hand controllers are compatible with Vectrex only, but the foot pedal add-on is compatible with Atari 2600 / VCS also. -MiniVex I: single analog joystick with rapid fire capability for button #4.Comes with your choice of red, black, or gray buttons. -MiniVex II: twin analog sticks, rapid fire for button #4. Can be operated on one cable as a conventional single-stick controller, or on both cables for simultaneous dual stick action games such as Robot Arena or Stramash Zone. Has a toggle switch for selecting left or right cable for button input, both for selecting the appropriate cable when only one cable is plugged in and preventing overlapping inputs when both cables are plugged in. -MiniVex III: spinner and analog joystick in one unit, rapid fire for button #4. Comes in both LH spinner and RH spinner models. These are compatible with homebrew spinner titles and original titles that have been modified for spinner use. Also functions as a conventional joystick controller. The spinner doubles as an additional fire button...just push down on it. -MiniVex IV: LH mounted spinner, rapid fire for button #4, no joystick. Comes with choice of red, black, or gray buttons. Like the MiniVex III, it's compatible with homebrew spinner games and original titles that have been modified for spinner use. The following foot pedal add-on is compatible with both Vectrex and the Atari 2600 / VCS. -MiniVex Pedal I: foot pedal interface for the Vectrex and Atari 2600. Plugs right into either console and provides a foot pedal substitute for the four Vectrex buttons, the action buttons on the Atari joystick, driving controller, and player 1 paddle, as well as all four directions on the Atari joystick. Works with factory and aftermarket controllers. Cable measures 6" between console jack and selector box, and 5' between selector box and pedal. All of these controllers, with the exception of the actual foot pedal, come in a steel case and are hand-made by me. It's a very time-consuming process, and the finished products are not and will never be cosmetically perfect, but they are TOUGH. Here's how they compare in size to the factory unit: Interested in one of these? You can contact me here, or purchase through eBay. As these are so time-consuming to make, I generally post them on eBay as soon as they're completed. Prices and shipping are the same whether purchased on eBay or through me. My eBay seller's name is: classicgamesandcarsfan. Larry / Classicgamesnut on AtariAge
  16. Vectrex prices reduced. Atari 7800 and Atari Jaguar items added. Prices do not include shipping. Currently I can only ship in the United States, sorry everyone else. Please PM me and let me know what you are interested in, include your address or at least your zip code so I can give you a shipping estimate. Also, let me know if you want insurance. I’ll try and keep the list updated as sales complete. City Bomber - limited edition #3/50 : $120.00 $105.00 - (cardboard insert has tears at corners, came this way from publisher) Continuum : $115.00 $100.00 Cube Quest : $80.00 $65.00 Hexed! #006 : $135.00 $120.00 Melody Master with Instructions : $40.00 $35.00 Omega Chase Deluxe! - original in coleco intv cartridge case : $115.00 $95.00 Sectis #073, with Unused T-Shirt : $95.00 $85.00 Space Frenzy - original black box : $35.00 $30.00 Spike's Water Balloons Analog - original black case : $35.00 $30.00 Thrust - original black case : $35.00 $30.00 Tour De France - cge : $35.00 $30.00 V-Frogger original w intv case : $75.00 $65.00 Vaboom! Vectrace - original black case : $40.00 $35.00 Vec Sports Boxing GDG CGE 2k2 version : $65.00 $55.00 SOLD - Vector Pilot #040 Vector21 - #92 : $105.00 $90.00 SOLD - Vectrexians #082 SOLD - War of the Worlds #203 : $135.00 $115.00 Zantis #143/150 : $135.00 $115.00 Atari 7800 - Factory sealed. May have minor damage to box due to shrink wrap shrinking. All are in clear, protective boxes. Prices do not include shipping. Crack'ed - sealed box $14.00 Donkey Kong - sealed box $13.00 Jinks - sealed box $8.00 Jinks - sealed box $8.00 Mat Mania Challenge - sealed box, bottom left corner damage $12.00 Meltdown - sealed box [lightgun game] $18.00 Pole Position II - sealed box. torn shrink wrap on back $8.00 Realsports Baseball - sealed box $5.00 Scrapyard Dog - sealed box $30.00 Touchdown Football - sealed box $15.00 Tower Toppler - sealed box $10.00 Winter Games - sealed box $18.00 Winter Games - sealed box $18.00 Atari Jaguar - Factory sealed, prices do not include shipping. Games are in clear, protective boxes. Checkered Flag New, sealed - $18.00 Kasumi Ninja New, sealed = $55.00 Jaguar Pro controller Sealed - $225 Atari 7800 double controller holder Robotron 2800. Look to be 3d printed, so each may vary slightly. All are black. I have a handful of these $22.00 shipped, US only.
  17. CHIMNEY HUNT! A free vectrex game. visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/vectrex/ and find the download. Video here: https://youtu.be/JmAB6ncZ3Ss The Story: It's Christmas time but disaster! Due to price increases Santa can't afford to make enough presents! The gifts he's lost over the years whilst delivering down chimneys would be enough to cover the shortfall if only there was an economic way to collect them all. Elf boffins from the temporal engineering department to the rescue. By adapting the space folding technology that lets Santa deliver presents to 7 Billion people in one night, they've managed to space-warp every chimney on earth into one gigantic mega-chimney. You must fly down the mega-chimney and collect all the lost presents to save Christmas. Dare you enter the Mega-Chimney? Good Luck!
  18. A couple of Charity auctions I have running might be of interest... Charity Auction #1 Frontier Prototype + 2 x overlays https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/302986537530 This auction is to raise money for a local, homeless charity @Launchpad_RDG Charity Auction #2 Vectrex game Snowball #50 and #100 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/302986518883 This auction is to raise money for UCSF Children's hospital in Oakland, USA @UCSFBenioffOAK Please bid generously
  19. Snowball in the black shell is now available to preorder. The price is £18 plus p&p (£4 UK, £9 EU, £10 Rest of World). Snowball is a simple 2 player Vs game where you and another player control an elf each in a snowball fight, first to 3 wins. Video of me playing both players on my own here: https://youtu.be/Fw4PMZScdMA This edition is not limited but I only have 50 PCBs on order for this so it would be some time to restock if they sell out. If you would just like a ROM of the game with your own personalised title page message then the price is £5; if you are buying the cart version, I will happily send you a ROM file with personalised message at no extra cost. Drop us an email on [email protected] with your address and I will send you a PayPal link for the total to your location.
  20. From the album: vectrex

    TL866cs eprom programmer from Amazon made a vectrex game run on the first try.
  21. Is there a Vectrex ROM ripper/downloader? I have a Bedlam EEPROM prototype and would like to download the ROMs. Thanks
  22. As some might know, my Vectrex died on me about 3-4 years ago. It just suddenly stopped working. I get nothing except crackling in the neck bulb of the CRT. I suspect it's a power board issue but have no idea if the CRT is working. So my plan is to take out the boards and do a rebuild, starting with a recap. I'll work on the logic board first. If I can get that working and producing something, such as sound, then I know I have a fair chance of getting some of the other stuff working. Whether or not I'll ever get the rest of it working is another thing but it'll at least give me the option of selling the boards as refurbs or keeping them as spares for when I get another machine. I've never recapped anything before, though, so how hard/easy is it on the Veccy? My worry is trying to do the power board because of the voltages involved. Are there cap kits available in the UK?
  23. As my vectrexes don't like the Vecmulti I'm looking for a 31 Games Vecflash and a Madtronix modern games multicart. If you prefer trading I also have some original Vectrex games, 3d-SectorX and jumper multicards to trade.
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