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Found 40 results

  1. Hey guys, I’m looking for the following titles for the Atari 2600: -Any Xante cartridge -Coke wins/Pepsi invaders -Activision demo/sample carts -Superman Sears picture label -Music Machine Please PM me if you have any of them and would be willing to sell (If solely looking to sell, let me know your price) or trade (Let me know what Atari 2600 games you’re looking for. I might have them for trade). Thank you!
  2. I want to buy some CRT TVs and monitors located in Winnipeg, Manitoba
  3. Looking for a few manuals from different companies. I will compare the different styles each company used in their manual. Manual doesn't have to be in pristine condition, but does have at least be in 1 piece and readable. I plan to use the knowledge when I start writing up the manual For my homebrew.
  4. Good day to all of you, as the title suggests, I'm looking for these Intellivision gems: 01 - pole position 02 - stadium mug buggies 03 - Tower of Doom 04 - Kool-Aid Man (CIB) 05 - Hover Force 06 - Diner Someone could help me please? Thank you so much for your kind reply and interest. PS Sorry i forget to write down my location: Rome, ITALY
  5. The brushed aluminum on my 7800's case is pretty scratched up and I'd like to restore it. Please PM me if you have the upper shell of a 7800 with the metal in good condition
  6. ColecoVision Games WANTED LIST *UPDATE - I'M CURRENTLY NOT ADDING TO THE COLLECTION. PLEASE DISREGARD THIS THREAD AT THE MOMENT, AT LEAST TEMPORARILY. (It's more or less a personal reference/placeholder/log for what I still don't have)* Greetings! My goal is to have a complete CV library someday and am looking for the following games either Loose (cartridges), Loose with Manual/Overlays, or CIB (Complete In Box), etc. Box and/or Manual Only would be fine in some cases.. Just depends on the title. I would be willing to take anything into consideration... Trades are also welcomed, just PM me a list of what you're looking for. Alcazar: The Forgotten Fortress Alphabet Zoo Amazing Bumpman Aquattack Artillery Duel Brain Strainers Cabbage Patch Kids Adventures In The Park Cabbage Patch Kids Picture Show Campaign '84 Choplifter Chuck Norris Superkicks Cosmic Crisis Dam Busters Dance Fantasy Decathlon Dr. Seuss' Fix-Up the Mix-Up Puzzler Dragonfire Dukes of Hazard, The Evolution Fathom Flipper Slipper Fortune Builder Frantic Freddy Gateway to Asphai Gust Buster Gyruss It's Only Rock 'N Roll Jukebox Jungle Hunt Kung Fu Superkicks Learning With Leaper Linking Logic Logic Levels Memory Manor Monkey Academy Moonsweeper Motocross Racer Motocross Racer/Tomic the Barbarian Mountain King Oil's Well Quest for Quintana Roo Robin Hood Robin Hood/Sir Lancelot Roc N' Rope Rock 'N Bolt Rolloverture Sammiy Lightfoot Sector Alpha Sewer Sam Sir Lancelot Skiing Slurpy Smurf Paint 'N Play Workshop Star Wars: The Arcade Game Strike It Super Cobra Super Crossforce Super Sketch (Loose or CIB) Tank Wars Telly Turtle Threshold Tomarc The Barbarian Up 'N Down Wing War Wiz Math, The Wizards of Id's Zenji Thank you for your time..Cheers-
  7. gzsfrk

    NEED: C64 SID Chip

    Does anyone have or know where to buy a spare SID chip for a Commodore 64? When I turn mine on, there's now a loud buzzing sound coming out of the audio, and when I start a game, the "music" is just squeaky gibberish, thus leading me to suspect the 6581 has gone bad. I know it's a relatively painless operation to replace it, but I can't seem to find anyone online who's selling the chips. I did find SWINSID, which looks promising. But I really just want to spend a few bucks to get my C64's audio working again, rather than investing in an admittedly cool mod. Thanks in advance to anyone that can help!
  8. Is anyone from the UK looking to sell their Atari 5200 console? Doesn't have to be boxed, just in good working order with its controllers and power supply. I would buy one from the USA but postage looks prohibitive judging by listings on ebay.
  9. This thread is asleep for now. I'll wake it up at a later time. Hey everyone. I'm looking for a 2 port atari 5200 system that has the s-video and composite modifications. It doesn't have to be in perfect condition, but just no major things like pieces missing from it or anything like that. I'm open to any reasonable offers! I'm also looking for a Wico Command Control joystick and keypad here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/245536-wanted-wico-command-control-joystick-and-keypad-for-the-atari-5200/
  10. Hello everyone, I am looking for a Joystick Y Splitter Cable (2 controllers into 1 gameport) for my ColecoVision, Atari and Genesis. Its a DB9 type plug and Loose would be fine. Not looking for CIB ..but if one is available cheap enough, i may be a buyer still.. Here's some names of the companies that produced these cables: - Wico - Dynamics - Newport Controls - Questar Controls - Gemini Industries I don't prefer one company over another.. ANY brand will do and have been looking for one for months now. Never thought it would be this tough! Anyway.. If anyone has a working one to spare, you will be rewarded handsomely. I might even consider non working cable since i might able to repair it but it would have to be very cheap. Please PM me if you are able to help in any way, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks for looking and for your time.. -Todd
  11. Anyone have an EA Cart of GROM that they don't need that they'd want to sell? Building a supercart from Ksarul and would like not to mess with the two EA carts that I already own Bonus points if it's just a desoldered GROM. I hate doing that. Really.
  12. I have an Atari 800XL PAL unit with Supervideo XL mod that I paid a good bit for from Germany. The keyboard in it had a stuck key. I confirmed it was mechanical. Air did not help so I took the membrane loose. Apparently a mistake. Replacing after cleaning, only the function keys work. Reseated cable repeatedly. I was going to buy another unit on eBay and take the keyboard, but they are too expensive, so I will not be watching scene demos on this but shelving it, it seems. I can't afford a new one. (Someone is currently selling a PIECE OF FOAM from the box of a 600XL for $32....) Before I close the door on my A8 experience for probably a decade, I wanted to see if anyone had a spare keyboard for the unit that I could buy for a fairly low price. Probably not, but I wanted to take one more chance before I put this broken system away. Thanks. :-/ bp
  13. Hello all! I'm looking for an Atari STE: either a 520, 1040, or Mega. I'd need it in excellent working condition, except for the floppy drive (and, in the case of the Mega, the hard drive), which I can replace using parts from other systems that I have. (Physical condition isn't as important to me, so we can talk about that ) I'd prefer a U.S. system, but I might also consider a U.K. system. I'll also consider other regions, if I can easily swap in a U.S. or U.K. TOS. (In the case of the Mega, a corresponding keyboard would be a bonus, but is not required.) Must be willing to ship to the U.S. (specifically, zip code 65721), since that's where I'm at If anyone's interested, feel free to post in here, or send me a PM. Thanks!
  14. I'm looking for replacement controllers for my 2600 gaming. I have a pair of TG Enjoysticks, which are fantastic but seem to be on the verge of breaking. I would love to get more of the same but I've never seen them anywhere besides the original auction i got them from. Attached photos are some obscure items that appeal to me, in addition to the Enjoysticks. Some items I have for trade might include loose Vectrex stuff, Dreamcast console, Wii console soft modded for emulation, Game Boy games, Sears console, maybe other stuff. Or money.
  15. I'm looking for a 1030 modem on the cheap, basically so I can do a win-modem mod to it. If it works, I'll save it's internals, and won't destroy it with holes.. This will be an invasive free mod.
  16. guitarmas

    WTB: JVC X'Eye

    Hey All. Just looking for a good JVC X'Eye. I want to keep my Sega CD and my (future) Sega Model 2 in their original boxes. Thanks.
  17. I am wondering if anybody here has a Fairchild Channel F System II controller to sell to me? Those controllers have the famous DB9 connectors. I'd like two of those controllers in working condition. PM me if you have those controllers.
  18. mrentropy

    Empty Case

    Hey all, For various reasons I am looking for an empty Atari TT, Atari MegaSTe, or MegaST case. I've tried Best, but they've been sold out for eons. I've tried looking for non-working systems, but haven't come across anything yet. Is there another place to find these things, or maybe someone can make them? Or maybe someone has a defunct system they want to get rid of? Thanks!
  19. Happy New Year! Hope everyone has recovered by now! I received a minty "Chase the Chuck Wagon" cart for Christmas and wanted to see if anyone was looking to sell a box and/or manual? Also looking for boxes for Atari Video Cube, Room of Doom, and a manual only for Exocet. If you have any of these and are looking to sell or trade, please contact me. Thanks!
  20. Hey. I'm looking for an NES controller that's been modified for use on a 2600. I'm not sure where to look. They don't seem very popular. I could be wrong though. Advice?
  21. Recently found a full 7800 at a goodwill so now I'm looking for games. Most of all I want Ninja Golf,Dark Chambers (2600 or 7800), Tower Toppler, and Midnight Mutants. Willing to trade,I got some cool stuff, or buy if the price is right. Hit me up with a PM!
  22. I knew I would want more sooner or later so I made this thread if you want to see my vectrex "wantings" Click the link http://www.atariage...._1#entry2472800 Nothing Sealed Pls Anyways here's the list: Consoles Atari Lynx 2 Loose Gameboy Advance SP Spongebob Edition GameBoy Micro 20th annerversary of Mario thing CIB Intellivision 2 with hook ups Gameboy Light Macintosh Plus Macintosh Color Classic eMac iBook 1st gen blueberry color iPod Shuffle 1st gen Commodore PET Commodore 64 ZX Spectrum Any IBM computer from the 80s Cables Gameboy AC adapter Gameboy Micro AC adapter GBA Games I don't care if the game here are CIB boxed or comes with something Dragon Ball Z Taiketsu Atari 2600 Games loose pls will pay 50 cents each for the more common ones I would prefer if you sell to me a bunch of them in a lot or so. I also don't care for label variations Combat 2 Atari Video Cube 3D Rubiks Cube Football Air Sea Battle Casino Basic Math Golf Home Run Human Cannonball Indy 500 x2 Realsports Baseball Realsports Volleyball Realsports Football RealSports Tennis Sky Jinks Slot Racers Space Jockey Space War Street Racer Venture Star Raiders Trick Shot Haunted House Kangaroo Pele's Soccer Video Olympics Arcade Golf Canyon Bomber Bowling Frogs And Flies Tax Avoiders Grand Prix Laser Blast Megaforce Night Drivers Riddle of the Sphinx Star Trek Star Voyager Super Challenge Baseball Super Football Vanguard Video Pinball Carnival Freeway Othello Sky Diver Other things any IBM or Apple mouse any Talking Heads CD album More coming soon, I know, I'm slow
  23. Austin

    WTB: CD-i Games

    (Note: Open to trades! See the attached text document, last updated 10/22/2011) I am currently looking for the following CD-i games, all CIB. Outer sleeve isn't necessary for jewel-cased games, but mandatory for the long-box titles (which I think there are only two listed). Also open to working up a trade for those in the US--please see my attached collection text document in that case (very little of what's in my collection list is off-limits!): The Apprentice Lazer Lords Flashback: The Quest for Identity Defender of the Crown Dark Castle Pac-Panic Golden Oldies Volume II Secret Mission Namco Arcade Classics Zelda's Adventure (Yeah, I know, not gonna happen) Tetsuo Gaiden Zenith Micro Machines Accelerator Myst Lost Eden Atlantis: The Last Resort The Lost Ride Hotel Mario
  24. Hi all, looking to buy an STE, STFM or STF, prefer 1 meg.... anyone selling? Can pay immediately, US preferred... Thanks!!
  25. I've been collecting for the Tempest MPT-03 Variant of the Emmerson Arcadia for a few years now and I've worked my way down to needing only 6 of the currently known cartridges to complete my collection. I have a heap of spares to trade however I'm also happy to buy if necessary. The remaining carts I need are. 308 American Football 322 Space Vulture 325 Crazy Climber 326 Escape 328 Space Raider 330 Horse Racing I am also In need of cartridges 329, 331 and 332 however as of yet I do not know their names. The spares I have available can be seen below http://i.imgur.com/ZkxCyJw.png
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