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Atarius Maximus

Code Snippets & Samples for bB Beginners

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Would someone please offer me some .bas examples of playfield resolutions? I can't figure out how to change the size of the playfield blocks, and I know it should be quite simple. Also some DPC+ .bas examples/tutorials would be much appreciated. Thanks.


I wonder if these links would be helpful:




The bB page will eventually have more DPC+ example programs as I and other people find time to make them, but this is all the bB page has so far:



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First of all, Atarius Maximus, thank you so much for these examples. I have saved them and will refer to them as I'm learning Batari Basic and Atari programming in general.


I know this is a super old thread, so maybe you aren't following it anymore, but just in case, I thought I'd put in my request.


I've asked in another thread about how to display multiple copies of a sprite on the screen in a singe frame. Asteroids is my favorite example. It uses p0 to represent an asteroid, and at a single time, it will draw a large, a medium, and a small asteroid, all moving independently of each other. Other's have very kindly and clearly explained that you can display p0 and then change it's x coordinate, and then display it again, and then again and again. In theory, that makes sense to me, but I haven't found a tutorial or examples of that yet, and in my code, it seems to only display the last placement, ignoring the previous placements. Would you mind creating an example of how to display a single sprite multiple times in the same frame?



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Here is a fantastic BASIC Programming video I shared on the Programming Forum that is great for learning to write games with batari BASIC, SuperCharger BASIC or even the classic Atari 2600 BASIC Programing Cart - the programmer walks you through writing a short Pong game in BASIC. How to reduce flicker in BASIC and other concepts applicable to Atari 2600 programming are covered as well.


Interesting Trivia: the earlier ZX-80 was much like the Atari in the respect of having to write gameloops that ran in the vertical blanks in order to avoid screen roll, a command for this was added to the ZX-81 BASIC ROM:




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