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ST offline tournament

Game choice for STOT  

11 members have voted

  1. 1. Which will be the first game?

    • Wings of Death
    • Znax
    • Superfly
    • Bubble Bobble

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The ST offline tournament is a high score competition similar to the high score club in AtariAge or the ABBUC Bundesliga. In the next couple of weeks a website will be setup to hold the competition.

You can vote for which game here.


The rules:


After a poll is open for one week, the game with the most votes is the game of the tournament.

After the voting week, the scores thread is open for two weeks.

Each player could send as many scores of the choosen game as he wants.

If possible the player should send a picture together with his score. Scores without pictures also count.

After the end of the tournament, the best players get points for the STOT tournament.

1st Place 8 Points

2nd Place 6 Points

3rd Place 4 Points

4th Place 3 Points

5th Place 2 Points

any other Player 1 Point


The candidates are:


Wings of Death






Bubble Bobble

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So it's Saturday and the poll has now ended! We' d like to thank you all for your participation in the vote, we are very happy and motivated by the outcome. 36 people in Atari Forum and Atari Age took the time to participate and we would like to see you all posting your highscores.

Here are the combined results:


Wings of Death : 10 votes

Znax : 06 votes

Superfly : 12 votes

Bubble Bobble : 06 votes


One of the votes for Znax in AA was placed by me and by mistake so it doesn't count :)


As apparent Superfly by Reservoir Gods will be the game we will contest in the next two weeks. Gentlemen and ladies, boot your Ataris (real or emulated).

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So as not to start a new thread please use this one to post your high scores. We have also started another thread here where you can see what others have done so far. We are working on the STOT website as time allows and we will have it up and running soon.

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You can see my highscore at the end of this video:


Nice to have you onboard Bunsen :)


Thanks. The last years I played mostly 8-Bit. This is a great event to come more into ST-gaming. Thanks for organizing, Christos!

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Final standings:


xerus: 20802

cb: 16776

Christos: 13392

kRadD: 8796

Mariak: 3436

Marcer: 3399

SSB: 3284

Frak/Dan: 3170

Stickhead: 2676

Bunsen: 2150

WilliSea :1234

Klaz: 1076

MugUK: 888


The superfly contest is now over. The tournament standings are as follows:


xerus: 8 points

cb: 6

Christos: 4

kRadD: 3

Mariak: 2

Marcer: 1

SSB: 1

Frak/Dan: 1

Stickhead: 1

Bunsen: 1

WilliSea : 1

Klaz: 1

MugUK: 1


Just to say, that we are overwhelmed by the fact that so many people participated and we hope that you enjoyed the contest and the game as much as we did. Thank you very much for participating. :)

Edited by Christos

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Have there been any other contests? I was hoping the ST was getting a HSC going.

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