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Does Guitar Hero for DS look incredibly awkward or is it just me?

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I'm a guitarist and I've been playing in live bands for thirty-some years now, so I'm not the biggest Guitar Hero fan in the world (hey, I'd generally rather be playing one of my real guitars ;)


But then again that's like someone saying "I like Street Fighter 2 but I'd rather be doing my black belt karate in real life" :) GH is just a videogame and should be viewed as such. Period. And as one guitar player to another, I have to say don't even mention it in the same breath as an alternate activity that's even near the same level :lol:


That being said, I love Guitar Hero! :D But man am I passing on this DS version... for the usual reasons everyone's saying. I mean it just looks stupid, and it just looks awkward. End of story. I'd rather get Guitar Hero: Aerosmith (which I haven't gotten) over the DS version anyday. Well.. maybe if it was free I'd take it :ponder:

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