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Hardware Accuracy: Stella vs. Z26

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Do you mean viewing the number of scanlines on-the-fly? The hotkey is alt L for Stella (shift cmd L in OSX).

Thanks. That's cool, but that's not what I was looking for. I searched the debugger page for the words keyboard and shortcut and found nothing, but I forgot to search for alt. So thanks to you, I just did that and what I was looking for is Alt + f. I can hold down Alt + f and go frame by frame really fast and stare at Scanline: to see if it stays consistent.


**** This is a good thing to remember. Hit the button above Tab for the debugger, stare at Scanline:, then hold down Alt + f to see if Scanline: changes from frame to frame. If it stays at 262, I'm not screwed.

Yes, this is the best (and quickest) way to see scanlines counts per frame. I probably should add that to the documentation.


As for the original issue, there have been a flood of messages since I posted my response yesterday. Good to see that the problem is now solved; I didn't even think to mention to check the scanlines. Perhaps the reason for the difference in Stella (vs. z26) is that the most recent version auto-corrects the framerate every 30 frames or so (on a real system it would be done every frame, but that would slow emulation too much). Perhaps z26 doesn't update as often, and the resulting jumps aren't as apparent??

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