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Jedah Doma

FS: Super A'Can system MIB

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Well, it's been a short run with this one, but it's time to let her go. Up for sale is a boxed Super A'can system in pristine condition.


First off, this system is not just in mint condition, it has NEVER been played. It has gone untouched since it was shipped from the company. Everything that came with the system when it was originally sold is included. The only time it has been opened or handled was in a move or to check the contents. As you can see by the pictures below, all the original clear plastic wrapping is intact.


I purchased this from the original owner. She acquired it from a friend who lived in Taiwan and came to visit her family from time to time. He bought it in Taiwan and gave it to her as a gift in the mid nineties. Since then, it's been in storage and moved a few times. The only time it has been opened was to check the contents.


The twist ties on the A/V, power, and controller cords have never been taken off. The controller is still in the original clear plastic bag and has never been used.

The console itself is in pristine mint condition without so much as a scratch or smudge. It was only taken out of its' clear plastic bag in order to show the condition of the system. The power supply is still in the baggie and has never been plugged in. Also included is the original A/V cables and cartridge cover. Even the instruction manual and postcard are included in mint condition.


The box is in good condition and does show a few signs of corner wear and age, but it is in overall good shape. The cardboard insert is in great condition as well.


So, here's what you get:


- Super A'can console

- Controller

- A/V cables

- Power supply

- Cartridge cover

- Instructions and papers

- Box

- Cardboard insert

- All plastic covers etc.


Asking $400 shipped *BUT OPEN TO OFFERS*. This price is posted in response to many members requesting a set price. I'm always willing to talk and negotiate, but this is a good starting point. This is one of the most rare video game consoles in existence, and I doubt you'll ever find one in better condition ever. I have this posted at a few message boards. If your interested, PM or e-mail me.


I know I am new here, but I posted this here under the advisement of a member who thought members here would be interested in this item. I have been a longtime members of the Neo-Geo forums and ebay.










Cartridge insert:






Controller up close:



Controller cord:



A/V cable:



Power supply:



Super A'can console:



Console top (out of baggie):



Console top:



Console bottom:



Instructions and papers:



Cardboard insert:






Box 2:



Box 3:



Box 4:


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$400? I got my boxed one for $75 on ebay. Good luck selling at that price.



BTW. for anyone interested in what the games look like, here's



You can also see the full setup

(at 2:45-2:49) that we have at the Midwest Gaming Classic (that's my box on display and JD's system hooked up with several games).


As far as getting games, you can find them on ebay every so often or go through contacts in Taiwan and have them shipped over (I recently got several games this way for $25 a piece).

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From that video it looks very much like a Genesis game(Sonic comes to mind with Space Harrier thrown in)very interesting.


Good Luck with the sale of this. :)

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