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2600 Dance



26 Dance is a beat game where you move the joystick to the beat to increase your combo meter and try to gain as many points as possible



Version 1.3 - Added life bar changing color depending on how well you are doing(green very good to red bad) and ability to earn an extra bar every 50 combos.

Version 1.2 - Added randomisation of note so note now changes direction randomly weither you hit it or not

Version 1.1 - Added Combo Scoring so each consecitive hit was 1 additional point of each successes hit

Version 1.2 - Altered Playfield so top and bottom arrows were evenly spaced

Version 1.1 - Altered Colors to score purple, playfield blue, chords yellow, note orange and miss marks red

Version 1 - Initial Version



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Actually this concept has some huge potential. It really needs dynamic music (something similar to Lead), I can't stress that enough, but I'm sure you already have it planned. Also, this could use some visual sprucing up. Flashing colors, special effects. Basically whatever you can wrap your brain around that could 'sync' with the gameplay.


Also, have you considered giving some slack based on how many consecutive "notes" you hit? Like say I miss two notes early on, and I get a good 30+ combo going, I should probably get some X's erased. Think of like in Guitar Hero or DDR (iirc) where you're allowed to miss so many notes before your 'meter' drops. Perhaps the difficulty could become ramped up by spacing the 4 boxes closer together, adjusting the speed at which they travel, or both.


You could explore quite a few gameplay enhancements to keep this a very enjoyable game. I look forward to future versions.

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You might want to make it start only after hitting the fire button. If you played this on a real Atari 2600 and reached over to hit Reset, you'd be losing before you could even grab the joystick with both hands.

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