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Component Video mod for ColecoVision

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the cost is very low exept for the f18a him self


pcb print in china around 4$

xilinxs 2 or 3 $ on ebay

40 pin socket under 1$

60 pin edge connector can be ordered on ebay 10 for 15$

f18a new version?

If this were to work with the Expansion module #3 ADAM computer and standalone ADAM, I most likely would purchase several of these if you every did decide to mass produce this item. This might be more popular than the OPCODE SGM since it would give high quality digital video and audio output for all ColecoVision/ADAM games by HDMI with no risk of internally soldering and changing the motherboard. This is something I have always wanted for years.


I guess if one wants to use the original RF display in the ColecoVision one would need to unplug the HDMI expansion module, however a better solution would be a on/off button on top the HDMI expansion that would allow one to toggle between F18 HDMI and the original VDP.


There would need to be an expansion module interface on HDMI expansion module so that the Opcode SGM and other modules could be connected.

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maybe someone will do it... to make it 100% compatible with all the adam add on it will require a lot of time and effort not even sure you can intercep the video signal on the adam.. sure it work on the coleco with the sgm... for me its the end of the story...

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