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FS: Atari 5200, PC-Engine, Playstation, Atari Portfolio, Dreamcast, MORE!

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While it may be wrong to buy and collect classic gaming items to put on display in your office, that's what I've essentially done (kind of a history through games). I'm no longer with my current employer, and new employers are looking like I'll have less space to display my collection. It is now up for sale on Atari Age.


Here's the list:


  • Atari 5200 system in the box, hardly used. Complete and two games included. Asking SOLD
  • Atari Portfolio system, in original box, memory card, parallel interface, AC adaptor, very nice. Asking $85
  • Sony Playstation - very nice condition, complete sans the Toshinden game. Asking $40
  • Sony Playstation controllers (regular, dual shock, and NegCon analog controller) $15 all three
  • PC Engine system, complete and in nice condition with Operation Wolf game Asking $100
  • Sega Dreamcast system (PAL version) complete in box, very nice condition (box is not so nice). $40
  • Atari Megafile 30, in original box with power cord. No docs or DMA cable. Untested, but was purchased as a working unit. asking $60
  • Gamepark GP32 prototype unit. SOLD
  • Atari ST games (brand new) Axe of Rage, Darkside, Aerochase, Match Point Tennis. $7.50
  • Out Run music CD soundtrack, music from arcade machine plus arranged versions. Very rare. Asking $40
  • That's Atari Music volume 1. Very rare, complete with booklet (that has ads for PC Engine versions of games never released by Tengen). Asking $40
  • That's Atari Music Volume 2. Missing booklet, but has the sticker. Also very very rare. Asking $30
















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I just realized this for sale thread was posted in March 2010. The seller hasn't been active on AtariAge since September 2011.


HA HA HA. No wonder no reply. Probably dead.

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maybe someone should lock the thread? ive never been good at looking at the date of the first and last post, then figuring out if it would still be relevant to post. this is a perfect example. there is no reason for anyone to be posting in here. boooo....

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