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12 hours ago, Lee Stewart said:

Is it possible to import into and export from Magellan the actual TI font files that are formatted like CHARA1 for TI Writer or FBFONT for fbForth?


Though I can happily use CHARA1-style font files (1 KiB [128 chars] or 2 KiB [256 chars]), I would prefer to work with my fbForth-style font files, which are identical except for the first 6 bytes. fbForth-style font files actually have a full representation of the last character (ASCII 127 or 255), which is 6 bytes short in TI-Writer-style CHARA1 due, I believe, to the nature of the original E/A (or similar) SAVE utility.



I don't think so. It can only import character images, e.g. PNGs.

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