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Free sprites for the taking

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Splatterhouse Sprites:







Body Eater:



Hey guys & gals! Halloween is soon and I designed some horror sprites from the Arcade game Splatterhouse. Enjoy! :)



Atari 2600 Splatterhouse Sprites.png

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It's technically not Atari related, but is it okay if I use the Rev Man sprites from a long while back for something else that needs 8x8 sprites? I'll give credit.

They're slightly modified, because it supports multicolor.



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The Lost Sprites & Graphics:

1605784732_AMTitlescreenWIP.thumb.gif.d077cd1f86e8ad2aaa89036057335706.gif 279582143_AtomicMeltdownx4.PNG.35efee9a483561b796326fcfd3a612e8.PNG 1992491023_ChristmasAdventuresprites.PNG.5f17bd620c0c1cdfdd2d60d323c00df9.PNG Elvira.PNG.828fd63ac995dda23724fc9c0a6c79d0.PNG 1300592668_FreddyKruegerWalkingAttackingFrames.PNG.214efeea96e9c6ff22d64626dcddbbc8.PNG 739562087_GlenNancyWalkingSprites.PNG.d02123453b280f6565b15f9464170fb1.PNG 715502247_HorrorSprites.thumb.PNG.d30666c1ee857cd5cd0a7ef22b712a6f.PNG FKWDA.gif.8e613c2e9bc7e29dbced9aea7e3e3699.gif FKWSA.gif.e84ad5455f9d969dc73118b043cd8c94.gif FKWUA.gif.76514bd25633e3edc32cbba8ee1feafd.gif 556679509_GlenWalkingJammies.gif.cde74dee14f25bc6eaed75e9c017a4ac.gif 1433225712_GlenWalking.gif.4d96602a913253f9d0b95fcee0c170de.gif 1471223878_NancyWalkingJammies.gif.d4848e962a80ee6f9eab8c9e0c3a58db.gif 1817655436_NancyWalking.gif.8fd36a557b9b40d344adfe5a3d2834e9.gif Random_Person_Walking_Down_F01.PNG.1bd18aaafb11401233effc738e898471.PNG Random_Person_Walking_Down_F02.PNG.ae8700fdbd509f21f9b9ae08fe080b2e.PNG


Here are some sprites and a titlescreen I did that I can't find on the forums at this time. So I'm posting them here for preservation and for everyone.




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CGE Adventures Featuring the late, great, Intellivision president Keith Robinson as a boss! A game I contributed some sprite work to back in 2012. It was a year in development and truly a labor of love for an incident that happened at CGE. The game is based on a true story from CGE 2010 when the RetroGaming Roundup crew were interviewing a classic gaming celebrity while a strange fellow made off with not one, but a whole spindle of 100 of the Podcast Promo CDs. Through investigation and deduction the thief was identified and has now come to be famously known as the Deaf CD Thief.

The stage is set in Las Vegas at the 2010 Classic Gaming Expo for this CD heisting hi-jinx.

As the Deaf CD Thief it is your goal to search the Classic Gaming Expo in its glorious entirety from the show floor to the video game museum and ultimately the V.I.P. Lounge, all in hopes of finding and pillaging the CDs from the expo and escaping to freedom on the Las Vegas Strip.



msg-16548-0-37260800-1341535159_thumb.png.e25be8af6430e32e3f1a0a5c76c4ba8c.png msg-16548-0-91456600-1358818810.jpg.c09f37fe86ec19745b79e048d6638c7f.jpg msg-26314-0-23259100-1341732522_thumb.png.16c08211ab242f9a4ad54498c9d6d2f5.png msg-26314-0-73959600-1341707718.png.6d7bd3b614387dbd8cff88da6bb88695.png msg-26314-0-81833800-1349035921.gif.eef924733c8b03ef20bb420057928121.gif msg-26314-0-95250400-1341704232_thumb.png.a81d22fb81baf1e4458a85305b0c5309.png msg-26314-0-97423000-1341704252_thumb.png.03043dc8350df9ec2fe504ecd376d9ea.png ScrollText.png.fd4fbbc9208f20c684357ad536ecef8e.png


Some Screens:


msg-16548-0-91638400-1361898709.thumb.png.ba0bd4ce1286938f9a33987f6a615202.png  msg-16548-0-11134300-1361415955.thumb.png.abc6a49ad328c540dc831d0a6e2ad616.png


Thanks to:
Byte Knight of AtariAge.com; Lead Programmer

Keifer Holcomb (AKA Byte Jr.); Title Screen Music, Viva Las Vegas

RetroShaun of RetroGamingRoundup; Title Screen and In-Game Graphic Artist

RevEng of AtariAge.com; Graphic Designer

Philsan; PAL Converesion

Albert Yarusso, Owner of AtariAge.com; Cartridge Hardware

UKMike of RetroGamingRoundup; Box and Cartridge design

Scott of RetroGamingRoundup; Level designer, Business and Production

SoCal Mike of RetroGamingRoundup and GameGavel; Manual Layout & Design


Gameplay + Song:



Song by:
Some nice lads from across the pond http://www.thebritishibm.com/




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9 hours ago, Aloan said:

well, for those who have not seen yet, I got a tool that may be useful for artists:



Is that similar to what Visual batari Basic has?





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Update today!!! now we have a graphical Menu from which to choose (via mouse) what drawing mode we want! so that made it speedier (instead of memorizing what number does what!)

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