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So you have WAV files already? In that case you should give MESS a try; maybe the recording is good enough (otherwise you can try to apply some filters by an audio editor). Then you can easily save them to a disk image from within TI BASIC.


Actually, the only WAV files I had were the ones from a single cassette tape full of my own programs; all of these have been transferred successfully to the PC and work fine in emulators.


All the other software I have is on 5-1/4" floppies I got a while back from a fellow 99-er; it is this batch I was trying to transfer, not because there's anything valuable, just to see if I could do it and preserve the disks before they fail (several already have).

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UsualNoise, contact Klaus (author of Web99)


He can help you get the Bootstrap running. The behavior you are describing sounds like the RS232 card is not receiving any input from your serial connection.


That's odd, since I did successfully load (and run) the bootstrap for vdm99 over the same serial connection. I just couldn't get any drives recognized after that point. However, I could only get it loaded at 300 baud. Is there a known issue where some RS232 interface cards only work at 300 baud max? That seems to be the limit for a successful transfer for my system for whatever reason.

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Posted (edited)
On 6/8/2012 at 12:09 PM, matthew180 said:

Thierry put out a no-DB version of VDM and it runs in Win7 64-bit! I was trying the boot strap procedure where you upload the initial files to the console via a serial or parallel transfer using XB or BASIC with E/A. I really want to see this work, it only for the "cool" factor.


In BASIC with E/A:



CALL LOAD("RS232.BA=9600.DA=8.EC")


Then you use VDM to upload the hook program. As soon as I start the "upload hook", the CALL LOAD terminates immediately with:


I/O Error 26


Same with XB. I looked up the error in the RS232 manual and 26 is "Some type of hardware error occurred." Heh, real helpful... Does anyone have any ideas? I know the cable is good because I use it with MagicFM just fine. Yes I realize I could just transfer the hook with MagicFM, but I really want to see this boot strap process work with only the XB or E/A cart.


Sorry to resurrect such an old thread, but I am having similar issues on my TI-99 trying to download the "hook" from my PC.

With XB, I do the CALL LOAD("RS232.BA=9600.DA=8.PA=N.EC") command, and I get the I/O error 26 as soon as I try to transfer the hook.

With EA, I do the same CALL and get "Illegal tag" when I try to transfer the hook.

I've tried it with two different PC's (WinXP SP3 and Win 10 64bit) and several COM ports. I have no problem sending/receiving using PuTTY on the PC and Terminal Emulator 2 on the TI. This is with v1.9 of VDM99. I can not get VDM99 v2 to start at all.

Any ideas on how to fix this?


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