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Doing pictures using Super IRG 2 and other ICE modes.

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The shading gradients are obviously very nice and smooth compared to graph2fnt. On my monitor I see patches of slightly yellow color that unfortunately breaks the greyscale gradient.


Would it be possible to take a photo of running this on a real thing ?

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Some more renders ...


post-23798-0-67705400-1519349725.png dm1-min.obx


post-23798-0-73972900-1519349730.png dm1-pcin.obx


post-23798-0-21518200-1519349736.png dm1-s9.obx

(on this one, turn down your monitor's brightness and turn up the contrast for best effect)


post-23798-0-20641700-1519349744.png dm2-min.obx


post-23798-0-48832400-1519349750.png dm2-pcin.obx


Keeping in mind .. the PCIN renders haven't been optimized for dithering ... in areas where the PF0-PF3 colors intersect, checkerboard dithering can be done to reduce the flicker.


The super 9 pic is a double-interlaced Graphics 9, but the BAK color is changed every character line to get a wider color range.


I don't know if a screenshot of real hardware will suffice, but maybe a video of it perhaps ... or some way to blend the frames.

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