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The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment is open!

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Hi there! Ya'll may remember me from back in the day, 2008, when I found Cabbage Patch Kids Adventures in the Park for 2600. Well, I've been quite busy since then. We've built the Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment in Oakland, California's first videogame museum!


We've very small right now, but we are trying to grow. We need volunteers, equipment donations, and monetary donations. We can give you a tax-write-off for all of these, as we are a 501c3 non-profit.


We also need volunteers, both local and remote. We're preparing for our first exhibit right now, the history of 3D, and we need help writing up the documents/plaques that will accompany each game. They'll be simple one-page sheets with screenshots, the names of the games' creators, and some info on the game's creation. Anyone interested in helping us out? Or with just coming to volunteer?


Email me at alex@themade.org check out our site at http://www.themade.org or come by for one of our weekly events:


Wednesday nights at 7 we have our weekly meeting, and Tuesday nights at 7 we have Fight Club, and old skool fighting game tournament. Want to host events? Contact me! Our primary goal is to teach people about how games are made, and to provide playable exhibits.


We're located in downtown Oakland at 610 16th St. Suite 230 Oakland CA 94612.


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Ah! So you are now in Oakland! last time I checked it looked like you were going to rent a good place in central San Francisco... what happened?


By the way, I was trying to follow you on twitter but I noticed someone blocked my account (#rdillon73) from following you like if I were a spammer!? I really wonder why and, honestly, I'm a bit upset, considering also all the money I donated at your booth during GDC in San Francisco this year!

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