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Raffle For the Rarest CIB ColecoVision Game Mario Bros Prototype

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I got a email from a AA member that gave me a wonderful idea that I'm super excited about! In fact I was so excited that I couldn't sleep last night just thinking of how I wanted to make this work. As everyone knows I have been helping JF raise money for his Cartridge Mold which is super important! Just in the last year Colecovision common games have really shot up in price to a average of about $5 per game (now I know there is always exceptions to that price, but that's not the point) so it is unrealistic to keep trying to recycle existing Colecovision Cartridges for homebrew games. So without this mold homebrews would go away as far as CollectorVision goes. So in a effort to raise some money so he can pay for this mold which costs a ton of money. I have a super rare prototype and I wanted to do something special for the AA Colecovision members. I'm setting up a raffle for Mario Bros #4 Prototype CIB. Every Atari Age member is welcome! The random winner will have this super rare game mailed to them for FREE no matter where they are in the world! Canada, USA, Europe, Japan, I mean anywhere I will ship this to you for FREE! This is the way the raffle will go.


I will be selling numbers 1 though 105 for $10 each. You can buy as many numbers as you would like! In this thread if you would like to buy a number PM me and put PM sent in the thread. You can pick any number you would like from 1 to 105. The time and date of the PM will tell me who will get the number first. I will then send you the paypal info to gift the payment. Once the payment is made I will put your name next to the number that you picked. I will update the list as much as possible so everyone knows what numbers are available if a name is next to it that means the number is taken. As far as the payment goes I can only use Paypal, please when sending the money use the personal tab and pick gift in the paypal send option. I'm trying to raise money for Collectorvision and not paypal ok, paypal will take a cut if you do not do it like this. Also just so everyone knows I am taking a 0% cut on this! 100% of the money raised with this raffle is going straight to the Cart Mold fund!



So For example: if John Sena sends me a PM for number 5 at 9:11am but then Zack Ryder sends me a PM asking for number 5 at 9:12am John Sena would get the number and Zack Ryder would need to pick a different number unless John Sena never pays for his number. I hope that makes since and if not feel free to ask.




Now once all 105 numbers are sold I will give a 48 hour warning and during that time you can buy bonus numbers still at $10 a number, you can not pick these numbers as they will be assigned to you in the order they are bought. After the 48 hours is up I will post that the numbers are now closed and a winner will be picked at _____ day and at _____ time. I will use RANDOM.ORG to pick the winner. You can read about how the number is picked if you go to Random.org website, it's pretty cool and works perfect for this! It's truly random no matter if you are number 1 or 105 or anything in the middle. If you play around with it you will see. I will buy a paper for that day of the drawing to prove the date this raffle is ran on and video tape the picking of the winner and post it here on AA so everyone can see who the lucky person is. You must be a Atari Age member to be able to buy a number. JF and myself are excluded from this of course. Everyone else here on AA feel free to participated. This is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to give back to the homebrew community that gives us so much and also you have a chance of getting this Holy Grail game in your Collection for only $10!



Thanks so much for everything that you guys and this Community has given me and it feels wonderful to help give back!



Also if members like 65Gamerguy or anyone else that has a Youtube following, if they could help advertise this on your Youtube channel that would be great! Just make sure people understand that they must be a Atari Age member or become a Atari Age member to buy a raffle number. Maybe will also have a chance to grow your Community a bit though this great opportunity. I wish everyone Good Luck and I hope everyone enjoys this, I think it will be fun.




I Forgot to mention and I'm sorry about that if someone else is wanting the same number as you but you don't pay within 48 hours the person wanting that number then has the option to take that number. I hope nothing like that comes up, but again I'm really trying to make this fair so if everyone can please make sure they pay within 48 hours of when I send them the return PM with the payment info that would be wonderful. When someone has paid they will have a dollar sign next to there name. I hope everyone will be ok with that and I'm going to try to use discretion as far as this goes, but its also not fair if some wants a number but the person who has it never pays so I do need to have a time limit on it. I really hope that will be ok.


Thanks again



Please go to http://www.atariage....bros-prototype/ to buy numbers as I can only keep one thread up to date.





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