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Atari Forth info...

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Hello everyone, i found a book named "Forth on the Atari " Learning by using Forth edit by E.Floegel. This book is writed by Winfried Hofacker..

I need found a dump image of forth language for learn reading this book.. If correct i read at end of book that i need this type of forth program:

  • Learn-Forth – Subset of FigForth from HOFACKER (Order No.7053), disk-block based (without DOS) as well on cassette
  • Power-Forth – Extended FigForth from HOFACKER (Order No.7055), disk-block based (without DOS)

Maybe is possible found it? The book for me that in Forth laguage i am a novice seem good.. had more example also how use with atari 800 a electronic component by Forth language..

Thanks for all help that give me thanks!


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Yes, It is.. i found many books on forth language but all explaine in generic mode.. i only found this book for atari that explaine graphics and music but for learn one need use original program enclosed in book.. now very hard at found..

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The thing to understand, especially about FIG-Forth's on the 8-bit, is that you have full access to the hardware on the machine, below, Full stop.


To do anything useful in forth, you need to create words.




the equivalent POKE 710,0 would be something like this, in FORTH:


0 710 C!


Which you could then turn into a word.




You would then get an ok, indicating the new word has been created.


But notice the 0 isn't there. I didn't put it there, because I want the BACKGROUND word to be able to take its value parameter for C! off the stack. This is so I can make a word general enough to handle different backgrounds, but specific enough to make sense.


So typing:




does the equivalent of 0 710 C! above, whereas




would do 67 710 C! ... this would set the colour to a scarlet red.


But what if we wanted to be more descriptive? We'd add a constant.




and then you could do




So really, You'll find, that if you spend your time building generic routines, that use the operating system, or that try to cover every possible use case, you're missing the point of using FORTH in the first place. FORTH allows you to quickly build specific pieces of what you need for the task at hand...


...and with the 6502 assembler built into most FORTHs, you can quickly make speed sensitive parts of your program jump straight to machine code, when needed.


So don't worry about "having the right FORTH" ... If something isn't there, you can make it.



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Hello Thom, i read your info.. but for me you are an expert programmer.. if i understood well i need know assembler of 8 bit computer.. in your example c64,

My example i know a Tibasic of TI99/4a computer.. no assembler. No language on another 8 bit system. My idea is: if I wont learn a new language for create a program that i can exportable in another system like spectravideo 328, msx1, sega sc3000, memotech mtx, tatung einstein, ecc.. what type of language i need learn? My choice is Forth because use little memory, is near at 90% at assembler. Now why this computer? Because All are build with some component.. all use tms9918 with graphic processor.. all (only ti99 no) use z80 cpu, just change sound processor.. I hope was easy found book for forth for beginner with more example other matematics function or use of stack, found example how move sprite, or how you write change color ecc. but it is no! I found many assembler book for any computer but in this mode if one people want create a simple program that change background color, move 1 sprite and play a song in forth for any computer must first learn the assembler, build the library graphic and sound for any computer and after write the forth example for any computer? if yes in this mode the forth language is good only for expert programmer no for beginner... i hope i wrong.. (p.s. sorry for my english)

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