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Reproduction Vectrex Overlays

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After a lot of testing, trials and errors...I've finally come up with a decent method of creating reproduction overlays for the Vectrex. I threw together an eBay auction, a basic Web site and created a complete set just to see if I could do it. Surprisingly they turned out pretty decent! While I never intended to create exact replicas of the silk screened originals, these reproductions turned out to work really well....especially because the hardest part is to recreate the white ink that is present on the reverse of the overlays to give the border an opaque background in certain areas when necessary.


To the advice of one of my eBay viewers, I'm posting the info in this forum for you to ask me questions, give suggestions and/or purchase reproduction overlays for yourself. Check it out at http://www.skywaytwincities.com/Vectrex (case sensitive).


Perfect for the avid collector or those who are new to the world of Vectrex


Simple. Affordable. Fun.


These reproduction overlays will give your Vectrex games the experience they were designed for without the hassle of tracking down a scratched up original or unboxing a pristine overlay you've got stored away.


Did you just buy an awesome Vectrex Multicart? Now that you've got every game made for the Vectrex on a single cartridge, why not get all the overlays to go with them? Recreate the actual look and feel of the original games with newly made and easily replaceable reproduction overlays.


How are they made?

1.Each overlay is printed high-res on to a transparency

2.A precision cut (by computer) white silhouette border is generated and affixed to the back of the overlay to make the borders "POP" just as the original overlays do

3.The high resolution transparency and computer cut border are then laminated together to create a bond and add more "firmness" to the overlay allowing it to position easily on your Vectrex


Photos of each variation are provided in the eBay auction listed on the "Purchase" page of http://www.skywaytwi...ies.com/Vectrex (case sensitive) with an actual overlay on a Vectrex. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have by emailing [email protected]


NOTE: These are not intended to be collectible overlays. They are meant to be used, to enjoy, and to give you a recreated experience of how Vectrex games were intended to be played. Minor blemishes may be present that will not affect game play. These may be visible when the overlay is held up to a bright light source and are not immediately noticeable when on the Vectrex screen. This is due to the lamination process. Special care will be given to ensure the best quality reproduction you can receive using the above described method.


Overlays will be shipped in a cardboard backed mailer and will be separated from each other if you order multiple quantities.


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Way cool! I don't own a Vex, but plenty around here do and you're an answer to their prayers. Multicart owners have up to now been out of luck, or forced tocome up with solutions on their own. I suspect you're about to get a lot of purchases.

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