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Round 5, with our Guest, Arcade Smash Hits!

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Sorry I had to be late, I was awake to midnight and when I slept, I totally forgot to do Round 5!


Arcade Smash Hits was a game published by Sega and was released in the year 1992 for the Sega Master System. The game had a choice of 3 arcade games to play. They are Centipede, Breakout and Missile Command. These were 3 classic arcade games from previous consoles.


Deadline - April 27


jblenkle - 10,884

roadrunner - 1,620, 16,316, 19,460

Torr -

LarcenTyler -

zylon - 5,140, 16,823, 33,900

skosh - 26,530, 25,156, 6,630


HSC Points:

jblenkle - 3

roadrunner - 3

Torr - 1

LarcenTyler - 1

zylon - 5

skosh - 6

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Gave all 3 a go:


Breakout- 2,780


Centipede- 12,538


Missile Command- 25,330


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Breakout 1,620



Centipede 16,316


The centipede move pretty fast in this version.



Missile Command 19,460


This is a pretty good version of MC

The controls take awhile to get used to.

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My 2nd salvo:


Breakout- 5,140


Centipede- 16,823


Missile Command- 33,900




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