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Colecovision collection

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Jose who?


I can use a few of those items, like 6 or 8 offhand, and maybe more if I look closely at which boxes I still need. Sweet collection.

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Is that Dynomite Sound Digitizer a ColecoVision cart of something for the Adam?


I have never seen that large box version of Oil's Well - looks great.


I remember that Dynomite, if I recall it was a creation of Syd Carter (Trysyd Video Games) and it was for the ADAM. Syd created a number of neat things back when he was a member of our MTAG, Metro Toronto ADAM Group.

I saw a couple of those large boxed Sierra games recently on Ebay, got outbid (maybe by Jose!)




No, I didn't outbid you..........Those big boxes have been in my collection for years.

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