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Clearance sale*BAM*%20 Discount on All ITEMS...

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Well i am weeding out certain items out of my collection so i can make some extra cash im a single father of two young children and i want to try and make extra money for them so if you see anything of interest please feel free to pm me.I have the items listed at a reasonable price and if you like something and the price is not for you mail me and we can negotiate a price.


****NEW ITEMS****

Atari Lynx mint condition comes with one Game California Games=Open for negotiation

ATARI 7800 Games


Pole Position2x2=$2


Web Hacking Attacks and Defense book!$23


Towers2 mint with box and manual=$95=Sold

Robinsons Requeim with dvd case and manual mint= $30

Space Ace with Jewel case and instructions mint condition=$10

Trevor McFur with instructions and overlay=$15 without the overlay and instructions $8=Sold 1 Left ^^=Sold

Kasumi Ninja=$10

Trevor Mcfur Manual and overlay=$12

CyberMorph 1mg=$6

Club Drive CIB Mint=$14

Cybermorph 2 mg$8

Checkered Flagx2=$8

Evolution dino Dudes=$8=Sold

Tempest 2K W/Box=$20=Sold

Iron Soldier 1x2=$10

Coleco visions Expansion module #2=Trade/or Buy

SD Adapter with 2 Gig card for Sega Dreamcast Pre loaded with tons of HOMEBREW=$28

Shinobi Legions Sega Saturn Complete=$15=Sold

Battlefield 2 II Complete Collection PC (DVD-ROM)=$12/Trade

Jaws Unleashed XboX Complete=$10/Trade

Starwars Battlefront2 complete mint xbox=$20

tales of symphonia gamecube$20/Trade=Gave away gone

The Crow: City of Angels (Sega Saturn, 1996)Complete-$15=Sold

Sega Saturn 4MB Cart=For $10/Trade=Sold

3DO Star Controller2=$20/Trade=Sold

Silent Service=$4.00/Trade

Lowrider PS2=$8

Rachet n Clank Up your arsenal PS2=12$

Def Jam Fight for NY PS2=$10

Crash Team Racing (Sony PlayStation 1, 1999) COMPLETE$6=Sold

Sega Saturn Netlink Complete mint=$16/Trade=Sold

Sega Saturn Keyboard Adapters=$12/Trade=Sold

Soft modded Xbox=Trade/Buy=$35 Softmodded with UnleashX 1 controller hookups included with 1 game

Gamecube with SD adapter and SD Media Launcher Software=$35 1 controller hookups included with 1 game=Sold

Gamecube with 1 controller hookups and 1 game=$20

xbox console with 1 controller and 1 game=$25

Dragon Speech recognition Software=$35

ATI X1300 Pro 512mb Graphics board/card DVI/VGA=$20

Also Selling Magic the Gathering Cards ask if interested!


500GIG Hard drive Sata with IDE CONVERTER!Pre loaded with XboX and Dreamcast ISO'S =$45

Monopoly Hand held by Hasbro 1997 Mint condition=$12

Jeopardy Hand held by Tiger 1995 Includes attached serial port Mint condition=$12


4 1 gig sticks of ram DDR 4 512 sticks of ram DDR 4 256 sticks of ram DDR simm ram 64-128-512 Other types of ram available pics included cpu processors from 1.2ghz to 3.5 ghz diffrent sockets from 370 on up ask and i will show pics thx.Also Selling Laptop Ram sticks 4 1 gig sticks 4 512 Sticks pictures included


Splinter Cell Complete mint condition=Trade/Sell=$8

007 NightFire mint condition jewel case=Trade/Sell=$8

Soldier Of Fortune= Trade/Sell=$5

Soldier Of Fortune 2 Double Helix Complete mint condition=Trade/Sell=10

Star Trek Elite Force 2 Complete minint condition=Trade/Sell *Rare*=$25

Hard Truckcomplete mint condition=Trade/Sell=$5

Sega Genesis Model 1=Trade/Sell

Sega Genesis Model 2=Trade/Sell

Sega Genesis Model 3=Trade/Sell

256Mb Crystal PCI Express DVI Graphics Adapter $20

3DO FZ-10 System for Sale with 5 Original games Will list if interested Pm me Offers.

Inquire on Shipping costs!


Everything is up for negotiation just pm me^^


Things that i have marked for trade can go either way trade or purchase.

What i am looking for in trade are.

Atari Jaguar Games/Items

Nuon dvd/Game System/Nuon Games

Atari 7800 Items and games






















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Yep it allows you to run homebrew and backups tools for the system and such media launcher is like a boot disk to run backups basicly.Turn the system on at the menu sawp disk with the said back up.Hope this helps anymore questions just ask.Oh ya its also a code device has all codes and cheats on the launcher aswell.^^

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Put up some new items and dropped some prices.Been real busy latley and didnt have the time until this morning to drop them.Take some of these great items off my hands ^^.

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