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FS: Castlevania (NES) - $12

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Ok you guys managed to get me to chime in. $12 is not that bad for this. I know it may have slipped your minds but this just was xmas time and prices for stuff (games) do go up. A quick ebay search shows this game commonly selling for $15-$25.


If you check price charting the average price for this game has been over $13 for the last year. As far as the label damage to value ratio. It matters very little on this game since it is a common game that people like to play. It is not rare and therefore that damage has little impact on this games value. If it was flintstones 2 you would have a point.


I think if asked he probably would have done $10 plus shipping on this game which is quite fair in my opinion. Nes games keep going up and they are not dropping anytime soon by the looks of it.

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