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Benjamins n Beer to repair phoenix cocktail n centipede upright?

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Anyone in the Jacksonville area or nearby who might want some beer and benjamins

to help me with my centipede upright cabinet and my phoenix cocktail cabinet (and possibly a pleadies cabinet, but not as high priority,) (descriptions at the bottom.)


Thanks in advance, for reading this and your time. smiley.gif


"number six" directed me to the villagebbs where I have posted and got some good general tips but no other replies.


I am working to start an interactive arts museum, in Jacksonville, Florida. To me, arcade games are a large part of that.




I will be displaying at the one spark event in jacksonville, florida, downtown. To promote the museum and gather funding.




The venue I am displaying at is 'The Phoenix Taproom,' and I would really love to have the phoenix cocktail working as part

of the display there.





The phoenix cocktail is my top priority, and I have not really had any time to examine it. IIRC all I had time to do was plug it in and see that I got no response.


Pleiades works but the monitor fades/goes out.


centipede details :


I picked up the centipede recently from a local thrift, I couldn't pass up the condition it was.


There is a tag inside it that says 'led out 6t' hope thats not a bad omen. This cab is in great shape for 30+ years old really clean inside too...


Found a switch on the back that says 'cherry' on it that was taped in perma-on, but the tape came off. I re-taped the switch...


Initially the marque and one coin slot lit up!


Then I did my standard round of cleaning, cleaned mb edge connectors, checked all the couplings, visually checked all the fuses. Now not even the marque lights come one! gah! (So that is what I've had time for, so far.)


(This text was copied from here, it has some pictures, too. http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/204734-my-new-baby%3B-an-arcade-stand-up-centipede/

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