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New Baseball game for the TI-99/4a

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All that @majestyx said about the SAMS board is correct. I do produce new 1M boards, and will continue to do so until I am no longer physically capable of the assembly work (hopefully, a long time from now). Fully tested and complete SAMS cards are $85 each or those wanting to build their own can purchase a bare board for $16.


The RAG assembler has hooks to use it, as do TurboForth, FB Forth, and RXB. There are a number of utilities and games that use it, but it is not a long list (although several folks have things in development that plan to take advantage of it). The price is probably its strongest driver right now, as it is in the same range as used PEB cards, but with significantly more potential capability.


The baseball game @majestyx is working on is a really good candidate for SAMS use, as that will ensure fast context switches as the program goes through its lookup tables for player and team data.

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