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Serious Want List: Spy Hunter CIB, Frankenstein's Monster box, more

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Note: I will be updating this post over time as needed.

I collect Atari 2600 VCS and Odyssey 2.

I am also currently looking for a few Commodore, Intellivision, and Atari 5200 items.

Please note that where I specify the condition, it is usually because I already have a copy in lesser condition that I am looking to replace.

My primary wants at the moment (Atari 2600 unless otherwise specified):

  • Alpha Beam with Ernie: CIB nice condition NTSC
  • Espial: manual
  • Front Line: box
  • Frankenstein's Monster: box
  • Gravitar (silver): box, manual, cartridge with nice condition silver label
  • Polaris: box, manual
  • Quadrun: box, manual
  • Spy Hunter: complete
  • Stronghold: manual
  • Wing War (PAL): manual, box
  • Demon Attack+ (Jopac) cart, manual
  • Flash Point (Videopac+) cart, control holder
  • Super Bee (Brazilian Odyssey)
  • Tutankham (Odyssey 2/Videopac)
  • Activision patches: Secret Society of the Dolphins, Dreadnaught Destroyer (Intellivision version), Beamrider (half-moon), H.E.R.O.
  • Atari patches: Video Game Masters, Centipede World Championship
  • Data Age Video Game Club of America newsletter, membership card, catalog, accessories/merchandise
  • Imagic dealer catalogs, shirts, posters, and promotional items
  • reproductions of unreleased Atari 2600 games

Further details on additional items I am looking for are below..


Below is the complete list of my wanted items for the VCS:


LOOSE GAMES (NTSC or PAL) =======================

Firebug (Suntek)
Immies and Aggies (CCE)
Out of Control (Avalon Hill)
Pizza Chef (CCE)
River Patrol (Tigervision)
Spider Maze (K-Tel Vision)
Swordquest: Waterworld (Atari)
Wall Defender (Bomb)

LOOSE GAMES (NTSC only) =========================

Cakewalk (CommaVid)
Crack'ed (prototype reproduction)
Glacier Patrol (Telegames)

Gravitar (Atari) NTSC silver label good condition only

Mangia (Spectravision)

Rush Hour (prototype reproduction)
Stuntman (Panda)
Stronghold (CommaVid)
Thwocker (prototype reproduction)
Universal Chaos (Telegames)


LOOSE GAMES (PAL only) ==========================


Aquatak (John Sands)

Asteroids (Atari) PAL red label
Battlezone (Atari) PAL red label

Commando Raid (Carrere)

Defender (Atari) PAL blue label

Ghostbusters II (HES)

Eggomania (Carrere)

Exocet (John Sands) near mint label

Frisco (Home Vision)

Hell Driver (ITT)

Infernal Tower (Carrere)

Joust (Atari) PAL red label

Laser Base (ITT)

M.A.D. (Carrere)

Mario Bros (Atari) PAL red label

Missile Control (Video Gems)

Mission Survive (Video Gems)

Octopus (Carrere)

Panda Chase (Home Vision)

Pengo (Atari) PAL black label

Peter Penguin (ITT)

Pharaoh's Curse (TechnoVision)

Picnic (Carrere)

Pumuckl I (ITT)

RealSports Tennis (Atari) PAL red label
RealSports Volleyball (Atari) PAL red label

Robot Fight (HomeVision)
Save Our Ship (TechnoVision)

Sneak N Peak (Carrere)

Space Jockey (Carrere)

Steeplechase (Video Gems)

Surfer's Paradise (Video Gems)
Treasure Below (Video Gems)
World End (Home Vision)

LOOSE GAMES W/ NO ACTI-PLAQUE ===================
(near mint labels/not blue label/NTSC only):

Alpha Beam with Ernie (Atari)
Big Bird's Egg Catch (Atari)
Boxing (Activision)
Chopper Command (Activision)
Cookie Monster Munch (Atari)
Cosmic Commuter (Activision)
Cosmic Corridor (Zimag)
Dishaster (Zimag)
Double Dragon (Activision)
Freeway (Activision)
Frostbite (Activision)
I Want My Mommy (Zimag)
Kaboom (Activision)
Keystone Kapers (Activision)
Kung Fu Master (Activision)
Laser Blast (Activision)
Oscar's Trash Race (Atari)
Plaque Attack (Activision)
Pressure Cooker (Activision)
River Raid (Activision)
Seaquest (Activision)
Sky Jinks (Activision)
Sorcerer's Apprentice (Atari)
Space Shuttle (Activision)
Spider Fighter (Activision)
Spitfire Attack (Milton Bradley) with end label
Spy Hunter (Sega)
Tanks But No Tanks (Zimag)
Up N' Down (Sega)

LOOSE MANUALS/INSERTS =========================

Assault (Bomb)
Asterix (Atari)
Boing (First Star)
Cakewalk (CommaVid)
Centipede "Bug Off" contest insert (Atari)
Espial (TigerVision)
Guardian (Apollo)
I Want My Mommy (Zimag)
Kung Fu Master (Activision)
Mangia (Spectravision)
Miner 2049er II (Tigervision)
Out of Control (Avalon Hill)
Quadrun (Atari)
Rescue Terra I (VentureVision)
Rescue Terra I contest rules insert (VentureVision)
Springer (TigerVision)
Stronghold (CommaVid)
Submarine Commander (Sears)
Superman (Atari) international version
Superman (Sears) blue cover - near mint only

Swordquest: Waterworld (Atari)
Swordquest: Waterworld comic book (Atari)
Wall Defender (Bomb)
Wing War (Imagic)




Pete Rose Baseball

Tomcat F-14 Simulator


Laser Blast - box near mint only
Stampede - box near mint only


Alpha Beam with Ernie
Gravitar (silver box)
Hangman (silver box)
Klax (near mint only)
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Rubik's Cube
Sentinel (near mint only)
Swordquest Waterworld
Track & Field

Cosmic Swarm (second version.. not the cartoon box)

Front Line

Frankenstein's Monster

Laser Gates - box near mint only
No Escape - box near mint only
Wing War (PAL)

Masters of the Universe - near mint box only

Tron boxed set - near mint only


Frogger II
Gyruss - box in very good condition only
Mr. Do's Castle
Montezuma's Revenge
Super Cobra - near mint box only



Blackjack (picture label)
Pac-Man (picture label)
Poker Plus (picture label)
Submarine Commander
Yars' Revenge

Spy Hunter
Up N Down






Adventures on GX-12

Glacier Patrol

Universal Chaos (NTSC only)


Demolition Herby
Ram It - near mint box only

Miner 2049er II

XONOX (boxed single-enders):

Artillery Duel
Chuck Norris Superkicks
Ghost Manor
Motocross Racer
Robin Hood
Sir Lancelot
Spike's Peak
Tomarc the Barbarian

HARDWARE ==========================================

Atari Kid Controller - no broken prongs on back
KY Enterprises FingerTip Controller (photo)
Micro-Händler Joystick (photo)
Sega Spy Hunter "Dual Control Module" joystick holder (photo)
Suncom TAC-2 joystick

MISC ===============================================

Atari 2600 carrying case (photo)

Canal 3 cassettes (with case/insert)

Tigervision plastic trays (holds cartridge inside box)
Uncommon Atari 2600 game manuals

PATCHES/STICKERS/ETC ===============================

ACTIVISION (2600 versions):
Beamrider (half-moon version: photo)
Bell Ringer (Boxing fan-made patch)
Decathlon Silver
Decathlon Gold
Secret Society of the Dolphins (Dolphin)
Order of the H.E.R.O. (H.E.R.O.)
All-Star Hockey Team (Ice Hockey) near mint only
Kabashers (Kabobber fan-made patch)
Explorers Club (Pitfall) near mint only
Cliff Hangers (Pitfall II)
Cross of Excellence (Robot Tank)
Star of Honor (Robot Tank)
Space Shuttle Pilot (Space Shuttle)
Space Shuttle Commander (Space Shuttle) near mint only

ACTIVISION (Intellivision versions):
Dreadnaught Destroyer (Dreadnaught Factor)
Trailblazers (Happy Trails)
Explorer's Club (Pitfall)
Trail Drive (Stampede)

Battlezone: Video Game Masters
Centipede: Atari World Video Game Championship
Gravitar: Video Game Masters
Quadrun: Video Game Masters



Moonsweeper button



Sega Mundo

ODYSSEY 2 ==========================================


Voice of Odyssey 2 CIB


Odyssey Adventure (magazine)
Odyssey Aventura (Brazilian magazine) Issues 3 and later
Odyssey 2 Quest for the Rings poster
Odyssey 2 stuffed dragon toy
Videopac cases in nice condition (empty cases, minimum of scratches)

Barão Vermelho
Bombardeio Submarino!/Tiro ao Alvo!
Desafio Chinês!

Flash Point (Videopac+)
Missão Impossível/ Viagem Programada!
Morse (w/manual only)
Mr. Roboto
O Gato e o Rato
O Segredo do Farao
Puzzle Piece Panic
Super Bee (Brazil version)


Catch the Ball / Naughts and Crosses (Videopac)
Morse (Videopac)
Neutron Star (Videopac)
Super Bee (Videopac version)

COMMODORE ========================================

Commodore Magic Voice module - CIB only
Commodore 64 computer PAL only
Commodore Plus/4 computer PAL only

Amiga 1200 computer NTSC or PAL

Amiga CD32 NTSC or PAL

Games (C64):
Batman: The Caped Crusader (Ocean / Data East) C64 NTSC disk version
Enigma Force (Beyond) C64 CIB
Firefly (Ocean) C64 complete

Gaplus complete

Neuromancer CIB

Revenge of Defender CIB

Toy Bizarre (Activision) C64 cartridge version CIB
Wizard of Wor (Commodore) CIB only

Games (VIC-20):
A.E. (Broderbund) VIC-20
Mountain King (Beyond) VIC-20
Polaris (Tigervision) VIC-20
Springer (Tigervision) VIC-20
Video Vermin (UMI) VIC-20

Xonox cartridges for VIC-20 (any except Sir Lancelot/Robin Hood)

Boxed Xonox VIC-20 games



Batman: The Caped Crusader (not cassette version)
Enigma Force
Max Headroom


Games (Amiga):

Blood Money CIB

Killing Game Show CIB

Strider CIB

Uridium 2 CIB


INTELLIVISION =============================================

BOXED GAMES (nice condition only):


Centipede (Atarisoft)

Commando (INTV)
Defender (Atarisoft)
Dig Dug (INTV)
Diner (INTV)
Fathom (Imagic)
River Raid (Activision)
Truckin' (Imagic)
White Water (Imagic) good condition only
Worm Whompers (Activision)




Blockade Runner (Interphase)

Commando (INTV)

Congo Bongo (Sega)
Defender (Atarisoft)
Dig Dug (INTV)

Diner (INTV)

Hover Force (INTV)

Kool-Aid Man (Mattel Electronics)

Lady Bug (Coleco)

Sewer Sam (Interphase)

Turbo (Coleco)
Venture (Coleco)

ATARI 5200 ===============================================


GIM Electronics Fire Command for Atari 5200


MAGAZINES/COMICS/CATALOGS/ETC ===========================

Activisions vol 1, 3, 5
Electronic Games (magazine)
Electronic Fun with Computers and Games (magazine)
Imagic dealer catalogs
Imagic posters
Odyssey Adventure (magazine)
Tron (Slave Labor Graphics comic) Issue 4
Video Games Magazine (pre-crash magazine)
Vidiot (magazine)

OTHER STUFF ==============================================

Books on high score strategies for arcade games, Atari 2600 games, and pinball
Any contest-related or mail-order only items for the Atari 2600
Elite: any "Order of the Elite" items (pin, jacket, shirt, parka, etc)
Power Lords Shaya and Sydot action figures
Tron-related merchandise (comic books, action figures, artwork)
Tron-themed Xbox controllers
Atari/Video game-related posters or artwork
Any spiral notebooks, binders, or folders from the early 1980s (pre-crash) with Atari or video game artwork on the cover.



Edited by Serious

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Remove purchased items, added red box Space Cavern and some joysticks

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Removed purchased item, added maroon/brown box Infiltrate

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Added a list of Activision and Atari patches.


If the Sega Mundo patch exists, that is something I'd love to have as well.

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Ok, I am weak. I've broken my resolve and added a few boxed games to my want list (some Telesys and 20th Century titles). I guess I'm going to need to get rid of some books to make space in my library.


I have also removed some purchased items.


I am still looking for some fairly common loose Activision carts w/ no actiplaque. I've moved these to the top of my list.

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Updated.. Added an Atari 7800 console, plus some magazines and comics and other stuff..

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Decided to be honest with myself and added more to my boxed games want list.

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Added some things to the hardware list: Atari Video Music console, Intellivision 2 CIB, Voice of Odyssey CIB.


Cash or trade.

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Crossed something off the list, added a few more items

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Added some Commodore stuff, crossed off more acquired items.

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Removed Seaquest in the box.. still need a loose Seaquest cart with no acti-plaque.

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Removed some purchased Commodore items.


I would really love to have a Commodore Magic Voice module.

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Crossed a few more items off the list.. Life is good

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Several items acquired or listed as pending..



I've added a section at the top highlighting the primary things I am looking for at the moment.

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Wizard of Wor for C64 is back on the list. I had acquired one off eBay, but the cart doesn't work after repeated cleaning of the contacts.

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Added something new to the list: "reproductions" of unreleased Atari 2600 games (Activision, Atari, Coleco, 20th Century, etc)

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Removed several recent acquisitions.. Added boxed Super Cobra.. (box only is fine, or CIB)

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Crossed some more stuff off the list.


I just re-acquired a 5200 SuperSystem for the first time since I was a kid. It feels like Christmas 1982.


I would be interested in some cheap, loose 5200 carts and overlays.


I am also interested in the 5200 joystick coupler, an extra standard controller in good working condition, and any third-party controllers for it.

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I've made significant modifications to my list.


I've added several items (including loose manuals and loose carts), removed recent acquisitions, and re-organized it.

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