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RGB NES Super 8 system assembled in blue AG-85 case

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I have a couple assembled NES Super 8 systems ready to use including the rare RGB PPU chip.

The NES Super 8 is a Nintendo clone that uses the origingal CPU / PPU.

One is blue, the other is white.

They have the version 1.1 PCB inside.


Tested and working great.

Asking $399 which includes the power adapter and shipping.


I also have RGB NS8 v1.1 assembled PCBs for $95 CPU / PPU not included

bare PCBs are $25


For more information:



PM me if interested!



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Check out my hilarious ebay listing at: http://cgi.ebay.com/...em=181147737717


Got removed within an hour. Ebay claimed I was advocating copyright infringement which is complete BS. They didn't like me pointing out their stupidity.


Here's a new one!


I'll keep posting listings ripping on ebay's stupidity until they ban me, LOL.


Now they say nintendo themselves complained and had the Super 8 removed from ebay. Supposedly this is because it is an accessory not made by Nintendo. WHAT?!?!

If Nintendo can ban the ebay sale of NES accessories not made by them, why are there tens of thousands of NES accessories sold on ebay?


This makes absolutely no sense, and they're probably exploiting the fact I don't have a lawyer -- yet.


I was selling the Super 8 pretty well until ebay decided to screw me over for uhhh, their incompetence?


Must sell some Super 8 RGB systems. Need to make room and money for other projects.

Make a reasonable offer and help support the project.


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If it makes you feel better, I tried selling a Sega Saturn white import model with an Action replay plus. They claimed that Sega complained about my Action Replay Plus lol. Because I had mentioned it helped play US games, they saw that as I was giving away burned games or something. I called them and yelled at them for 40 minutes. They wouldn't listen, multiple excuses, the last of which Sega called them to bitch....riiiiight.


Ironically, there were half a dozen Action Replays for sale. I told these to her and she didn't have an answer as to why THOSE could be sold. She just kept repeating the same excuses, like a machine. They're a bunch of A holes. Best of luck on the sale.

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