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Broken Saturn 4MB Turbo-Key?

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So, yesterday I picked up a boxed (semi-complete) Ultra Madness 4M Turbo-Key (white shell, no 1M/4M switch) in Daytona. When I tried to play Rockman X4 (my only import) on both my model 1 and my model 2 Saturns with it, the game would freeze at "detecting disc format". What's more, is that it does the same issue for domestic games as well. Thinking it was the cartridge slot, I plugged in the backup cart that I got as a bonus in the box. Surprisingly, the backup cart works just fine. What would cause this problem? I'm prepping a Saturn for a friend of mine, and just want to give him an easy all-region setup without doing the switch mod.

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I did, no dice. I even went as far as to cleaning the cart slot of my Saturns (though one is gonna need me to open the case and use something else to get the stuff out of there).

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