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The 250th post wins a free cartridge!

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Hi everyone.


I took this idea from revolutionika in Intellivision forum :) and I found it very fun! :D


The 250th post will get a free Colecovision cartridge (one of my loose duplicates), the number is taken from the top right of your post (this post is #1)


The only rule is that you'll be disqualified if you post twice in row. Otherwise than that you can post as many times as you like.



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any new games after Mecha-8?

Nothing in the work currently, although I've some ideas :)

I dont even have a colecovision (though I did when I was a kid)

Then maybe you could win ;)

twice twice twice twice twice .....


Twice in Row , am i disqualified?


awful slow, this is only number 22........ ;)

This is only starting... ;)

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