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Mark Wolfe

Custom Slim Original Xbox by Connor Evans $575

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If you’re a hot rodder like I am you know there are two ways to go about fixing a car. The first way is to keep it stock, you make it as original as possible and use modern technology to tune the car (In Xbox terms, a simple softmod). Other then that, it looks like the car just rolled off the showroom floor. The second way is to take that same car and make it fun and personal. You don’t care about making it original. You want to make it stylish, fun, powerful and unique. This is how I operate.

When it comes to Xbox modding, this model follows that second philosophy.

To start, it has a Xecuter2 mod chip. With it the BIOS, startup sequence and OS were rewritten. It also bypasses the check that sees if the Xbox has a DVD drive in it (Though if you want you can still open the case and plug in the DVD drive). The original fan was thrown out to have two copper (Instead of aluminum) fans to cool the processors. Then it uses a Sunon fan to pull any heat outside of the case. Overheating will never be a problem, and it will always be cool to the touch. Every important wire inside the case was shielded to reduce interference. It wasn’t a problem, but it will reduce any lag or interference that may occur depending on what the unit sits next to.

One thing that was kept stock inside the case was the PSU. This not only cuts costs but it also is much more stable then any Pico PSU and if there’s a power surge the fuse will protect the system. Making things simple, cheap and better.

There are a number of skins to choose from, I prefer the Xbox 360 look. And it is very easy to navigate. To change any setting you do to the far right, like a 360, and go to setting and just check the options you want.

This system has been tested, extensively. This was originally a unit I went all out on to keep for myself. But things arise, as they always do, and I am selling the unit.

This has many built in emulators. And for each emulator it contains every single game ever released for that system. To keep in simple, this contains just about every game that came out before the xbox did. This excludes computer systems like the Apple II GS or Commodore 64, but the market for those systems is very small, and therefore excluded.

Everything in this runs great. If you want to sit down and play this for 24 straight hours, this can handle it. If you want to bring this over to a buddies house, it can take it. You can leave it with a careless friend and not worry about him breaking it. This is a unit designed to last, take hits, withstand drops and survive abuse.

This unit is straight forward and any non techie can use and understand it. Just navigate the menu like the old Xbox 360, choose what you want and hit the A button. Controllers work with any of the emulators and there is nothing confusing about it. If you want to rip a DVD you simply go to the DVD2Xbox app, hit rip dvd, put in the disk, and wait for it to finish the instillation.

I am including a keyboard and mouse adaptor with this unit so you can play first person shooters the way they were intended.

System Info-see photos

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this is the original xbox so no moe xbox live and plus it is modded... so no go either way
this beast is for classic gaming and major XBMC-ing

this is the prototype, we hope to have the mini units out next year maybe? pricing will depend on what kind of case you want, this one has a very nice case, hence cost, plus some of the other components. we are willing to negotiate fair prices...

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[quote name='ianoid' timestamp='1376518234' post='2810927']
Who would drop such a beast!?

Can you play on live with a regular gamertag on such a system?

A nice little update on this. The mini has Xlink Kai. What that means is you can play games online, for free, with other Xbox users.
So the original Xbox no longer has live, but with this app you now can play online.

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You don't have any higher-res pictures of this? They're small enough that any detail is lost. To me, with this level of detail, it looks like you just modded a small industrial enclosure. This isn't to say that one couldn't tell at a glance that much work was put into this, but with the asking price, I would expect higher-resolution pictures showing the detail level of that work, since the work is where the primary cost is involved.

Further, you make no mention of the hard drive, whether it was upgraded (and to what), whether it's IDE or SATA, etc. One would think that would be important, and would allow for some of the cost too (i.e. my X-Box has a brand new Seagate 2tb drive in it - that's $100 alone) Edited by Maverick

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