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Venture Official Release

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On 10/21/2020 at 10:26 AM, rmzalbar said:

I really went to get Xenophobe, and added this to my order on a whim because I've always liked Venture.


If I seen this thread before buying, I probably still would have made the purchase because the last couple pages seem to indicate that the bug was fixed for all future cart orders.


Putting the bug aside, the game is good, graphics are colorful, controls are easy, and I like the addition of music. I do find it to be on the easy side compared to arcade Venture (will playtest MAME real quick to confirm.)


I will drop a note to Video61 to see what they say about the fixed version supposed to be available.

I would like to cap this off by saying that I did contact Lance, and he was very helpful. We had some issues with USPS delivering to the wrong address and slowing things down, but ultimately, he was able to provide me with a Venture cart that works! I'm completely satisfied now.

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