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Atari 2600 wont play working games?

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First off, i'm new here so I will enjoy being on these forums.


I've had this Atari 2600 6 switch console for about two years, and it does work pretty well. I have a few games that I can play on it, like Adventure being a favorite. post-41154-0-88533500-1420059335_thumb.jpg

Lately I've had 9 games that never seem to work on this console left over. They include:

  • Kaboom!
  • Solaris (kind of works, but only plays for roughly a minute)
  • Battlezone*
  • Golf
  • Canyon Bomber*
  • Human Cannonball
  • Pac-Man*
  • Berzerk*
  • Pitfall*

When I bought a big selection of these games (about like 8 ) in February, they were tested on a four switch board (I think it was a Vader). All of those games were working absolutely perfectly when they were tested. When I got home however and put them in the six switch board, five of the eight games weren't working (those games are marked with asterisks) . I get these screens with high pitched sounds and pixels scattered around the screen whenever I turn them on;


I don't understand what is wrong here, since I have 15 working copies of other games that work either perfectly, or usually work 3/4 of the time.

post-41154-0-47486200-1420059952_thumb.jpg (Adventure is missing its title, and Asteroids is not on the shelf)

I tried to clean the cartridges with Q-tips, but they still didn't work. Then I disassembled two of them to see if anything was missing, but it all seemed intact. I've spent two hours on this and its been very stressful.


There's gotta be a problem with the console itself, considering the fact that Pac-Man, one of the best selling games on the Atari, doesn't work.


If anyone can help me with this problem, that would be very nice. Thanks.

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The pictures of your TV look like the Atari might either have a bad coax cable or a bad RF unit. Mine started looking like that before I did a composite mod.

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