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JAMMA Power supply question

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I'm converting a Ms Pacman into a JAMMA 60-in-1.

The two types of power supply options are; PC supply (I've done this on another cabinet conversion project) and an arcade power supply.

I went with an arcade power supply on this project.

It appears the arcade power supply just powers the board.


I know this has been asked before and I did find some material searching online, but what is the best approach to wiring this board, the original Marquee (110v) and the LCD arcade monitor (which appears to only have a standard home plug option).


I've seen drawings with electrical devices to send household voltage to the marquee, etc.


Some options? Any good suggestions? Thanx.

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I was hoping someone knew of a source for 110v harness for this kind of set-up. Maybe this is an opportunity.

I know I'm not the first, nor the last that will use an arcade power supply for the board and then need line voltage for the marquee and arcade monitor.


The harness just needs to be configured to have something like a connection to the power supply, then possibly a couple household female plugs into it, or line outs for other connections.

Preferably with circuit going to a switch (i.e. on top of the cabinet) for complete on/off of the circuit. I've seen some crude drawings floating around. Thought you electrical guru's would have created a harness for sell. :)

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