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Super AMS Card - Compatible Programs

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Your find was good, Ralf. I was answering Arcadeshopper (I should have been more clear in the first post).


I was just confirming it doesn't support what i have :) and now you have too :) I like having my 128k card for myarc xbii so if i had a ams card i probably wouldn't install it in that system.

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I've been trying to figure out 'what's next' on my list of 'gotta have it's". So, while I'm still patiently waiting for the Myarc DSDD/80 FDC clone to be released, I figure it's time to prioritize other things.


Anyway I'm trying to figure out where on the list to put a SAMS clone, if and when one is re-released. Part of my criteria is: "What's it good for?" To answer that question, I'd like to see a list of programs that actually use that cards potential. Does anyone have a list of SAMS card capable programs similar to the list for F18A compatible programs?


Also, I thought I read somewhere (memory failing) about a gadget that ties two P-Boxes together for people who have run out of room to plug in more cards. Anyone have any information on that?



try arcade shopper they have a splitter designed by jim fetzner

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