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My glitch exploit stage, Walk on spikes Too, has been removed by Nintendo... :sad:



Looks like they have patched the "walk on spikes" exploit...


I had to revert to older version with invincibility stars. I made it easier for Mario to grab the star at the beginning. Here's the new course ID :)


Walk on Spikes v3:



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Anyone out there still creating courses?


Here are my newest ones using some of the new features like checkpoints:


Uhhh...Boo? (289D-0000-00E7-5D07)


Mount Vekoopius / Chompeii (DFDC-0000-00E1-DFA8) [There are ten 1-ups guarded by Chain Chomps in this level; can you steal them all?]

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Posted (edited)

I assume no support for legacy Super Mario Maker level uploads (That would've been newsworthy), but did anything ever happen about creating custom games in Super Mario Maker 2? I haven't followed closely since the initial unveiling. 


What I'm talking about is the ability for a content creator to do more than just upload single levels at a time. I was hoping to be able to see full 8 world games with four levels to each world. 


Part of me wonders if Nintendo is worried about overwhelming newcomers that feel obligated to make 32 levels instead of one good one. But they already have a solution in how they allot the number of upload slots. Just keep the feature locked until they earn a certain number of reputation points from single level uploads.


They could even roll it out gradually after the feature was unlocked, such as initially only allowing the upload of a single game with just 1 world/4 levels and then gradually ramping up the size if the creator's feedback is positive enough. 

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