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Bruce Abbott

[AQUARIUS] Micro-Expander: RAM, ROM, AY-8910 and more!

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Even though I'm late to the game on this, I'm very excited to start the Micro Expander build.


Is there a more detailed BOM that shows complete specs for each component? The one Bruce posted 08 JUN 2017 was a great start, but leaves some questions unanswered. It was an incredibly generous offer, but I don't know if he still makes the parts available and at the price he quoted previously. Also, I already have many of those parts as spares myself, but for some of the more exotic components, who knows if they're even realistically available?


As a start, here's a Google Sheet that has my work-in-progress sheet as well as Bruce's original item list (second tab).




Thoughts? Clarifications? Corrections?


Also, even when I get the parts, what instructions do I follow for the build, including programming, etc? I'm happy to assemble a step-by-step, but there likely already exists one, right?


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I bought a microexpander on Ebay and got it up and running earlier this week, I wanted to be able to develop stuff easily and my original plan of using casettes is on the back burner. I think my plan now is to create a rom image release of what originally started out as robotwon 2525 and get some carts manufactured. Still a way to got development wise but this should help considerably. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10220538253224694&id=1184205523

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