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TG-16 Season 6 Round 4 - Splatterhouse

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Welcome to round 4 of the 6th season of the AtariAge TG-16 High Score Club!


This season will be 10 rounds long, 2 weeks per round. Scoring follows the Formula One method (25, 18, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1).


This round, in celebration of Halloween, we are playing Splatterhouse.


This round ends on Sunday, November 1st.




Title: Splatterhouse

Developer: Namco/NEC

Publisher: NEC

Released: 1990

Rules: Nothing.





1. DonPedro 51

2. bubufubu 50

3. S.BAZ 40

4. darthkur 37

5. jblenkle 34

6. roadrunner 30

7. Darrin9999 22

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Can you guys do me a favor and please only post in the thread once? If you need to update your score, please just edit your post. Some of you guys post your score several times, and because I go through the thread progressively, I end up wasting time copying & pasting your score multiple times. Thanks!

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bubufubu 218,000 +25

darthkur 63,900 +18

DonPedro 34,500 +15

roadrunner 18,100 +12

jblenkle 16,300 +10


1. DonPedro 66

2. bubufubu 75

3. darthkur 55

4. jblenkle 44

5. roadrunner 42

6. S.BAZ 40

7. Darrin9999 22

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