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Your all time favorite Game Gear Games

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The first two Sonic games for me. Wasn't much a fan of the ones that came after, but the first two are really well made games.


Played a lot of Columns and Predator 2 back in the day as well. I guess those should be on my list.


How could you like Sonic 2 but not the later ones? Three levels in Sonic 2 has one of the most annoying bosses in Video Game history (bouncing ball pit of death) which renders the game practically unplayable.


Triple Trouble was a fantastic entry in the series. I would go as far as saying it's the best 2D sonic :)

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Dragon Crystal, Shining Force, Sonic, Columns, The Majors Pro Baseball, and a bunch of other stuff. I miss my game gear! I really wish someone would mass produce a console version. It's really not all that practical to play these days.

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