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Marble Madness 2: Marble Man

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7 hours ago, mr_me said:

The guy in posession of the cabinet wouldn't get sued because they wouldn't be the one distributing copies of the rom image, but I could see someone not wanting to be a part of it.

I guess my point was, there is very little likelihood of anyone getting sued for releasing a ROM of an unreleased game.


In that case, whether the person with the cabinet was involved or not, they wouldn't be any more a suspect than anyone else.


Same thing with the Marble Madness 2 guys, if it were to come out tomorrow on a compilation. There would be no effect.

The cabinets and boards would still be worth the same or more. The people that had them wouldnt be at any more risk

than if they were involved or not.


There are no downsides to a unreleased game showing up commercially. The market for those is so miniscule there wouldn't be a point.


I don't see a single person here or on any other site, that knows or cares that Akka Arrh is finally available to be commercially playable,

besides me. I guess i'm lucky that I care. But even if i didn't, it would have always been preserved in MAME.




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It's not about getting sued.  It's about not being confortable doing something you have no right to do.  It's similar to people who won't download rom files.  I think the value of these prototypes would go down if copies of their roms were leaked.  And as others have said, it might not just be about money, it's about having a game that nobody else can play.

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Sometimes it's even simpler..  sometimes people act so entitled to having the roms they don't own that it pisses people off that actually paid for them.  Many times it's the very behavior of the community that prevents things being given to it.  That's exactly what happened with a number of very rare roms.


But putting that aside, here's something positive.






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