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Clint Thompson

Detailed information on Ira Velinsky and other Atari Designers

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Originally this was going to be specifically about Ira but have decided to extend it to all of Atari's designers.


I've done some searching but couldn't find any photos of Ira himself and the patent database may be limited and probably doesn't include all his works. I've unfortunately come to learn that he passed away sometime in 2000 and find it equally unfortunate that there is not more information about the guy who created several of Commodore's and Atari's casing designs, including the ST and Lynx cards. I had no idea he created the Sega Nomad case either... I feel like a Wiki page is in order for him.


Does anyone have or know of any photos and have further detailed information of Ira other than running Sozo Design and creating designs for Atari and Commodore?




Also, who else designed Atari's products? Regan Cheng is listed as creating the 5200 Carts:




and Roy Nishi created everyone's favorite joystick of all time for the 5200:




Neil Taylor for the original Lynx:



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Are the dates at the top when the patent office filed the patents or something else? I always thought the first Lynx had the cross or plus sign d-pad. That drawing shows the circular d-pad. Does that mean that drawing is a second Lynx or am I mistaken about that.

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According to this article:http://www.brighthub.com/computing/hardware/articles/15142.aspx

Ira Velinsky has died on November 14, 2000, on a plane, returning from COMDEX trade show. He was only 46. So in two days it will be 16 years.


Yeah, he was too young. It's a shame there doesn't seem to be any photos, videos or other detailed information about him available.

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