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The "Atari Tabletops Collection #1" on Lynx (rom inside)

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Seems like in a parallel world, Atari made physical tabletops/Game & Watch from their biggest hits on their console

The best thing is that they also put them on some Lynx compilation.

I just received the beta of the volume 1 during the french AC 2016 convention.


Every game is related to an Atari period, from VCS to Jaguar.


It includes a "VCS" Warlords tabletop solo game (protect the castle from balls) that was made with lots of leds.

There is also a "Jag" Tempest Game & Watch color...


If I find more information, or more ROMS, I will tell you...



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I have made some (graphicals) changes to the warlords "demake" in LEDs

The main topic with up to date version is on french forum :


Right now, the ROM is not in the first post, so scroll down until you find the most recent gwc.o file


Remember that both games has been made during a speed coding competition of 24h (inf fac, far less than 24h because I entered in the competition late, and took the night for sleeping).

So this is really a draft, like A Bug's Lynx or Tetris Raiden were

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Thanks you.

Here is the last up to date version of the ROM, in .o and .lyx format,

Changes mostly made on warlords, the game is now more in "lonly leds" design, but would need some color leds :D


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