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Professor Gull

FS or FT SNES Star Wars lot plus Mortal Kombat II and Lord Of the Rings

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Well I don't have a SNES but I thought someone might want these or want to trade for these.


I am asking $50 for all of them and shipping will be figured on where they go to,or trade for something from my list below. They have all been tested and work as seen and Lord of The rings comes with a manual which has seen some love. There is pen in the password section and some pencil marks through the maps I would put it as fair condition. Mortal Kombat has a sticker on the back as well but I will probably remove that if I can without damaging the back label.




This is what I am looking for if you want to trade.


Dragon Spirit NES

Metroid NES

Spellunker NES

Sonic Chaos Sega Master System

Rampage Sega Master System

Golden Axe Warrior Sega Master System

Wonderboy III Sega Master System

Rastan Sega Master System

Mickey Mouse Land Of Illusion Sega Master System

Gundam Battle Playstation

Soul Blade Playstation

Return Fire Playstation

Protector SE Atari Jaguar

Ruiner Pinball Atari Jaguar

Iwar Atari Jaguar Attack

of Mutant Pengiuns Atari Jaguar

Dark Chambers Atari 7800

Joust Atari 7800

Asteroids Atari 7800

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