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FS For Sale SNES SD2SNES RetroFreak GPD XD32 Tamagotchi

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Hi all,

I'm selling some of my collection:


$450 Canadian

SNES Mini with 5 controllers (all cables and accessories are Nintendo branded) with a Stone Age Gamer Deluxe SD2SNES (developer port and LEDs exposed in a SAG's custom made black cartridge) at the current firmware revision (0.1.7c) with a compatabe SD Card, cartridge and system screw bits and a spare replacement battery. It also comes with 1 8bitdo snes Bluetooth adapter and 1 snes30 8bitdo Bluetooth controller.

This will be sold as a set only; please don't ask for individual pieces. I know everyone wants a deal and tries to talk down prices, but please consider that this content is worth over $600 Canadian.


$70 Canadian

A new rare Generation 2 Silver Tamagotchi.


Pics attached - please feel free to ask any questions. Pickup on weekdays in Markham Ontario; cash only. Shipping (not included in listed price) via UPS with Paypal payment. I'm not responsible for any costs that may be incurred due to shipping i.e. duty, taxes, currier fees, etc.


First to pay gets the item(s); discounts will be considered for multi item purchases.


Thanks for your time!


$140 Canadian *****SOLD*****

The GPD XD 32G Black Android 4.4.4 Handheld console (also a touchscreen tablet - basically with a built in controller) that plays Android apps, PS1, SNES, N64, PSP, DreamCast and Arcade(Final Burn & some MAME) ROMs/ISOs out of the box. Since it supports Google Play, you can download other apps and emulators for it - SCUMMVM, GBA, Genesis, GB/GBC, NES, TG16/PCE, Atari 2600 emulators are also installed.


$160 Canadian *****SOLD*****

A like new Deluxe Retrofreak console at the current firmware revision (2.0) - so it includes the controller port module that allows for the user of original controllers.



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Holy crap, didn't know that the Tamagotchi market was even a thing... haven't seen one of those in at least 10 years.



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