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WANTED - Used CX-52 Atari 5200 OEM Controllers that need refurbishing

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I will buy used Atari 5200 OEM (CX-52) controllers if they are not completely destroyed...I refurbish them and will pay $10 for each one (plus $3.65 shipping - 1st class US Mail) that doesn't work (only needs refurbishing, may include needing new rubber boot and hold-down ring). Preferably, joystick handle and directional control pots are still working, connection wire preferably still working OK, too. These extra parts cost more to refurbish the controller, so if any of these are defective (joystick pots, connection wire, etc.), I'll still purchase them if they are in a lot of 2 of more at a time for $7.50 each. Thanks!

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