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Jags: 20+ SEGA Genesis, S-CD, GG, SNES Posters & Manuals

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UPDATED 8/17/19:

100% on Racketboy (RB) forum, +49 RB overall, Link to Racketboy Feedback

+31 listed in RB BST Transaction OP, additional +18 not yet totaled in OP.

**TOP 5 RB BSTer FROM 12/2015 TO 3/2017 Link** 8)

100% on Atari Age (AA), +14, Link to AA Feedback

100% feedback on ebay, 341 positive, Link to ebay feedback

- Ship from Houston area, Ship not included in prices, United States Shipping Only, Paypal gifted pls or add 3%

- I reserve the right to not sell to any one based on user feedback, better offers, communication (or lack thereof).


What are ya buyin'?



A strike though indicates sold.


Genesis, Sega CD, GG, & SNES Posters, Manuals, & Misc SNES OEM Cleaning Kit:

This is not my area of expertise at all. They've been sitting in storage. Would rather them go to someone who appreciates them. Let me know if you really want a single poster/manual, but preference would go to someone who wants the lot for ease of shipping & time involved. Have fun looking at these if anything else! 8) Pics:


Phantasy Star 3 Poster

This came inside the game. Often missing for CIB copies. 

Sega poster side 1 - Toe Jam & Earl

Sega poster side 2 - Games

Sega games poster - 1 sided 

Sega poster side 1 - Jurassic Park

Sega poster side 2 - Games "Welcome to the Next Level"

Sega EA poster side 1 - Games

Sega EA poster side 2 - Pricing

NES - "Now You're Playing With Power" poster - 1 sided

Multiple SNES Manuals

SNES Madden 95 & NBA 95 Play Cards/Team Profiles
2 sided, back not shown

SNES Madden 96 SNES Play Cards/Team Profiles
2 sided, back not shown

SNES OEM Cleaning Kit with Manual


Logitec Official PS2 USB Headset (licensed product, open but in original packaging) - $5 




Check my AA Auction thread for more here:


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Updated with a list versus pic only, removed titles no longer available for sale. Moving those removed over to my auction subform thread.

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Jaguar games added! Image is from William at Atari Age. Check out his site. You can order these individually or as a book! I know we have some game room wall art junkies here. His site is linked in this AA thread:





Edit: This is unsolicited & just a cool bump pic :)

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Great AA member to buy from. I bought a bunch of DS/3DS games from Jag a few weeks ago.

Thanks Scotty! That really helps man.


To any one interested:

If you check my ebay feedback you'll see the positive feedback I have listed for the 3DS handheld & 11 DS games I moved to ebay from this thread, along with several other game & movie sales. I also link the page on RB & AA auction sections. That is me :P


Also 31 positive trades at Racketboy (RB) retro forums linked as well. A few pending right now that will add to that.

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Okay gents (and ladies?), price lowered to 32% off going rates. Let me know if you still think this is too high!

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Prices will come (short on time today) but please shoot me PMs if you're interested. I look to move these & with them being nice CIBS titles, I see them selling fairly quick. Posting on Racketboy & Atari Age. I'd like to keep them in community versus ebay! I will negotiate.

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Okay all:

- Added 14 quality PS2 titles. Some top notch games such as Shadow of the Colossus, Ico, Okami, and Beyond Good & Evil.

- Prices to follow on PS2 games. Been very busy with work. Please PM to hold. I'm always well below ebay.

- Removed all sold games. Jaguar games are gone! One Saturn title left.

- 12% Off still going

- If you bought anything from me recently, it is on your doorstep/in mailbox or went out today. Check your PMs for tracking :).

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