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I love checkin' out other people's collections and thought it might be fun to start my own thread to update and chat on.
For now, I'll have my Atari Jaguar and Neo Geo items shown and listed.
Atari Jaguar Collection:
Atari Jaguar (CIB)
Atari Jaguar CD (CIB)
Atari Jaguar CD Memory Track (CIB)
Atari Jaguar Controller (Black) x 2
Atari Jaguar Controller (Gray)
Atari Pro Controller (CIB)
Composite Monitor Connector
Cartridge Title:
Alien vs Predator (CIB)
Alien vs Predator (Missing Alien & Predator Overlay)
Another World 2nd Edition (CIB)
Atari Karts (Box / Tray Only)
Barbarian (AtariAge 2016; Clear Shell)
Black Lamp (AtariAge 2016; Clear Shell)
Bubble Bobble (AtariAge 2016; Clear Shell)
Brutal Sports Football (CIB)
Bubsy In Fractured Furry Tales (CIB)
Cannon Fodder (CIB)
Checkered Flag (Used; Factory Sealed)
Checkered Flag (Cart Only)
Club Drive (CIB)
Club Drive (Cart Only)

Cybermorph (CIB)
Cybermorph (Cart Only)
Defender 2000 (CIB)
Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (CIB)
Evolution: Dino Dudes (CIB)
Fernandez Must Die! (AtariAge 2016; Clear Shell)
Flashback: The Quest for Identity (Cart Only)
Gauntlet II (AtariAge 2016; Clear Shell)
Hover Strike (CIB)
Hyper Force (Songbird 2016; Clear Shell) (CIB)
Iron Soldier (Used; Factory Sealed)
Joust (AtariAge 2016; Clear Shell)
Kasumi Ninja (CIB / No Headband)
Missile Command 3D (CIB)
Moon Patrol (AtariAge 2016; Clear Shell)

NBA Jam T.E. (Cart Only)
Pinball Fantasies (CIB)
Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure (CIB)
Raiden (CIB)
Ruiner Pinball (CIB)
Ruiner Pinball (Box Only)
Spikey in Transylvania (AtariAge 2016; Clear Shell)
Super Burnout (CIB)
Supercross 3D (Box & Cart, No Manual)
Syndicate (CIB)
Tempest 2000 (CIB)
Theme Park (CIB)
Theme Park (Cart Only)
Total Carnage (Songbird 2016; Clear Shell) (CIB)
Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy (Used; Factory Sealed)
Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy (Cart & Overlay)
Ultra Vortek (CIB)
Ultra Vortek (Cart Only)
Wolfenstein 3D (CIB)
Wolfenstein 3D (Cart Only)
Xenon 2: Megablast (First Run w/ Additional Box) (CIB)
Zero 5 (Songbird 2016; Sealed)
Zool 2 (CIB)
CD Title:
Elansar: Point & Click Adventure (Complete)
Hover Strike: Unconquered Lands (CIB)
Myst (CIB)
Philia Sequel to Elansar: Point & Click Adventure (Complete)
Portland Retro Expo 2014 Welcome Demo (#8 of 25) (Complete)
Robinson's Requiem (Songbird) (Complete)[/spoiler]

sml_gallery_14503_1756_918934.jpg sml_gallery_14503_1756_1944186.jpg
Neo Geo Collection:


Neo Geo AES (Japanese) (High Serial) (w/ Box & Insert Foam)


MVS MagicKey 2016 Edition (MVS to AES Converter) (CIB)
Neo Geo AES Memory Card (Japanese)
Neo Geo AES Controller x 2
Neo Geo AES Controller (SNES Mod)

Cartridge Title (AES):

Alpha Mission II (English, Dog-Tag) (CIB)
Blue's Journey (English) (CIB)
Fatal Fury Special (English) (CIB)
Ghost Pilots (English, Dog-Tag) (CIB)
Magician Lord (English) (Cart Only)
Mutation Nation (English, Dog-Tag) (CIB)
Samurai Shodown (English) (CIB)

Cartridge Title (MVS):

Aero Fighters 3 / Sonic Wings 3 (Black Cart w/ Shockbox)
Crossed Swords 2 (Bootleg) (English Text, Yellow Cart w/ Shockbox)
Metal Slug 3 (English Text, Black Cart w/ Shockbox)
Metal Slug 4 (Bootleg) (English Text, Matte Black Cart w/ Shockbox)
Metal Slug 5 (English Text, Black Cart w/ Shockbox)
Prehistoric Isle 2 (English Text, Black Cart w/ Shockbox)
Shock Troopers (English Text, Red Cart w/ Shockbox)
Strikers 1945 Plus (English Text, Clear Green Cart w/ Shockbox)[/spoiler]


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